Katherine "Kate" Ovenshire (née Bow), also known by her online nickname KaternicusPrime, is a makeup artist and hairstylist and the wife of Jovenshire. They got married on September 30, 2017.



  • Kate and Joven originally met through Tinder in 2014. Kate has revealed that she matched with Joven because he "looked like a nerd" in his profile picture (Joven had posed with a sword that had been lent to him by Wes for the picture).[2]
  • Growing up, Kate was surrounded by pets, particularly dogs. At one point, her family owned five dogs, two birds, two cats, and a horse named Treasure that belonged to her sister Erica.[3]
  • Kate's first job was as a papergirl, which required her to get up at 4 or 5am each morning. As a result, she would often sleep through her first period after lunch at school, which at that time was mathematics.[3]
  • Kate has worked as a nanny in the past. (Reference Needed)
  • Kate did gymnastics when she was in high school, and is still capable of doing the splits.[4] While she no longer does it full-time, in 2018, she joked that she and Joven were going to go and "play around on trampolines" as a substitute.[5]


  • Kate is a self-described nature lover and actively partakes in environmental volunteer work.[6] She is also fond of animals, having grown up surrounded by pets.
    • Her favorite animal is a snow leopard.[3]
  • Kate was a big fan of Harry Potter while growing up, and was even noted for her resemblance to the titular character as a child.[7]
    • Kate is a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, having taken the Pottermore Sorting Hat test in both of its incarnations.[8]


  • Kate is friends with Mari Takahashi and has practiced makeup on her in the past.[9] Kate and Joven were among the guests at Mari's wedding in 2018.



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