KISS CURRENCY is a Smosh video released April 22, 2016.


Welcome to a world where you pay in kisses, not money. Splitting the check, buying a house, and paychecks are not what you would think!


First kiss (scene 1; scene 2 last paragraph below)

A girl (Courtney) struts down the street, saying what a great day it is when a hot dog man (Ian) asks if she would like one of his hot pretzels. She says she would and he tells her it is 3 kisses. The look on her face changes slightly, but she smiles and says okay, and gives him 3 pecks on his lips, and he looks after her, smiling, telling her to have a wonderful day and she leaves. He then purses his lips together a few times and smiles.

The title of the video then appears over translucent lips.

Second kiss (scene 1; scene 2 below)

The next scene shows an affectionate husband (Anthony) and wife (Courtney) being led around a home by a real estate agent (Olivia), who is describing the home's attributes. Anthony says they will buy the house, which will cost 200,000 kisses. The agent offers a payment plan, but the wife says they have been saving up and can pay up front. The wife then proceeds to start giving the agent 200,000 kisses while the husband watches with a smile for a few seconds, then looking around the house and commenting on the great crown molding, the camera zooming in almost the entire time.

Third kiss (scene 1; scene 2 below)

A presumably homeless man with a cart full of his belongings (Anthony) is singing and playing on a guitar. A man in a suit (Shane) is walking by and gives the man a kiss, as currency, and the homeless man thanks him.

Fourth kiss (scene 1; scene 2 below)

6 friends are dining in a fine restaurant and Ian asks the waitress (Olivia) if they can split the check. She says that is fine, bends down, and the group takes turns kissing parts of her face.

Fifth kiss (scene 1; scene 2 below)

The man at payroll (Anthony) sits unemotionally at an office desk as people bend down to get their paychecks in the form of kisses and then walk away. Noah, Keith, Olivia and Courtney all play the parts of the employees.

Sixth kiss (scene 1; scene 2 below)

A drug dealer (Ian) and a man (Keith), possibly under the influence, have a transaction. Ian covertly passes his wary customer a white package of drugs. He then proceeds to give the kiss currency to the dealer. He then turns to leave but the dealer grabs him and asks if he is trying to cut him short. In a strange voice, the man apologizes, cowering.

Second kiss, continued (scene 2; scene 3 below)

A zoomed in shot of the wife kissing the agent continues, the husband still looking happily at the home.

Third kiss, continued (scene 2)

Anthony continues singing and another man (Keith) gives him kiss currency, Anthony saying it will help him with his cat and God bless.

Seventh kiss

A man in a sharp blue suit (Ian) exits his car and goes to set a parking meter, checking his watch and pressing buttons. Instead of money, he gives kiss currency. After giving it numerous kisses, he looks at the display, looks at his watch, and gives more kiss currency. He then nods and walks off.

Fifth kiss, continued (scene 2)

Another employee gets kiss currency from the payroll employee. But then he reminds payroll that there was overtime pay, and Anthony beckons him back down with his finger and gives him more currency, for which the employee thanks him.

Sixth kiss, continued (scene 2)

The drug dealer tells the customer to never f**k with him like that again and he gives him his last due currency before taking his leave, the dealer staring after him and saying in a low, threatening voice "that's right."

Fourth kiss, continued (scene 2)

Anthony tells the waitress that they almost forgot her tip and he gives her the most passionate kiss out of any of the kisses in the video, taking her face and grasping her lips with his own, also making noises. She then thanks the group and tells them to take care. After she takes her leave, the group is in consensus that it was a bit too much tip.

Second kiss, continued (scene 2)

The currency continues to be given, the husband cocking his head in different directions, and commenting that it is such a lovely home.

First kiss (scene 2 and conclusion of video)

A woman happily gives kiss currency to the hot dog man and he asks her if she wants some kiss back, to which she agrees. The hot dog man is blowing the kiss back when a robber (Anthony) then steals the kiss, displeasing the girl and hot dog man, who puts his arm around her, and the incident signals Sgt. Anous to step in and help. Sgt. Anous punches him to the ground and leans over him, the robber calling him a f*****g pig. Anous tells him to hand over what he stole, calling him a dirtbag. Underneath a policeman and his gun, the robber reluctantly gives back the currency he stole. He holds out twice, and gives 7 kisses in total.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Olivia Sui

Courtney Miller

Shayne Topp

Keith Leak II

Noah Grossman


  • This was the first time Anthony and Ian kissed on-screen.
  • In the BTS video Ian states that the video was actually Courtney's idea.
  • Ian's girlfriend likes the video and she texted Courtney to tell her it was a great video.
  • Anthony's girlfriend seems to like the video; she playfully addressed it on twitter.
  • This video has more posted comments than many recent videos.
  • A police car passes by during the Sgt. Anous scene.
  • This video has one of the only BTS with a mini music video.
  • There are approximately 50 kisses in the video.
  • This is not Courtney's first time dealing with the subject of kissing. Before she was introduced as a squad member, she participated in a Vine dealing with kissing and double word entendres where she gets Ian and Anthony to agree to kiss by effortlessly persuading them to believe they would both only kiss her. They panic when she pushes them together and succeed in resisting.
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