"Hmm. Tactical Shotgun. That sounds delicious."
—Ian while choosing his weapon

KILL THE WII U ZOMBIES! is the 11th episode of Gametime with Smosh, hosted by Ian and Anthony, who play Ubisoft's first-person shooter survival horror game ZombiU. It was released on December 5, 2012.


ZombiU on the WiiU is actually pretty FunU....get it?



Ian and Anthony playing ZombiU.

Anthony is wearing a camera strapped to his chest to record gameplay on his Wii U GamePad, while Ian plays with the Pro Controller on the television. Anthony is controlling the 'King of Zombies' who deploys zombies to kill the survivor, Ian. They choose the Rooftops map and begin the round. Anthony compares the announcer's voice to the voice of the announcer in Mario Party 8. Anthony explains the layout of his GamePad screen and what he can do. Anthony starts by spawning a couple zombies near Ian, who easily kills them. As Anthony starts spawning more, Ian is having more trouble keeping up with killing them.

Anthony soon levels up and chooses 'Explosive Hunter', which explodes if shot in the body, as his Level Up Reward. Ian is still running around and escapes a group of five zombies by running up a ramp, passing by a lone zombie Anthony killed off for "not doing anything". Later, Ian, surrounded by two zombies, start to panic as he does not know which button that "picks up crap" (despite it being on-screen). He leaves the gun and shoots the zombies, which turn out to be Explosive Hunters, who both explode right in front of Ian, killing his character, much to his surprise. The round ends with Ian totaling eleven kills. Ian calls for a switch.

After being indecisive about which weapon he wants, Anthony begins the round and soon starts scoring headshots, but soon starts quickly losing health after being nearly surrounded. After running around a bit, and to Ian's surprise, Anthony soon is killed, with seven kills.

Ian chooses the M4 Tactical Shotgun and starts blasting away at Anthony's spawned zombies. After making his way to a staircase leading down, the zombies start attacking Ian, despite blasting them multiple times. Ian runs out of bullets, which causes him to panic and starts shoving the zombies out of the way so he can get to safety and reload his shotgun. Anthony tells Ian to "have fun" dealing with an Explosive Hunter. Ian finds an MP5 SD Sub-Machine Gun and tries to shoot a zombie behind him, but finds that he needs to reload that gun as well.

Ian finds another group of zombies and shoots them from a safe distance. One of the zombies is an Explosive Hunter, who detonates after being shot, killing another nearby fellow zombie. Later, Ian finds himself trapped on a platform with zombies in all directions. The zombies attack Ian and, despite his shooting and shoving, kill him. Ian ends up getting nine kills total and asks Anthony how he gets "explosive guys", and Anthony explains that he taps the upgrade button. Ian is both annoyed that he did not know this beforehand and also mentions that he beat Anthony in the previous round even without upgrading.

Anthony chooses an UMP45 Sub-Machine Gun and L9A1 Pistol. He quickly runs out of bullets while shooting a horde of zombies. Anthony switches to his pistol, but this is much weaker and hardly dents another horde right in front of him. He switches back to his shotgun, but is unable to escape the horde as a zombie appears in front of him and kills him. Anthony totaled six kills. Anthony is denied a rematch by Ian.

Ian is skeptical of Anthony's ability to get revenge for being easily killed in the previous round. Ian chooses the SA80a2 Assault Rifle, but is impressed by the Hunting Crossbow. Ian easily navigates the map, shooting various zombies, including one that appeared to be humping a brick wall and another that had a particularly "meaty" headshot explosion. Later, he is curious about the Molotov Cocktail and eventually manages to throw it, but completely misses multiple zombies whom he shoots instead. Escaping the area, Ian shoves a zombie that turns out to be an Explosive Hunter and damages him. Later, Ian is frustrated that he has to reload his crossbow after every shot, but manages to get a headshot. Ian discovers that Exploding Hunters do not explode when shot with an arrow.

Ian narrowly escapes more hordes of zombies and switches to his machine gun. He shoots a Hunter, which explodes and kills several other zombies surrounding it, to Anthony's surprise. While Ian was distracted by that, however, a zombie approached him from behind and caught him off guard. Ian instinctively shot the zombie point-blank, which exploded and killed Ian. Despite this surprise ending, Ian ended up getting 21 kills.

Anthony, with the goal of becoming "the best zombie killer in the word", starts with a moderately easy time killing Ian's zombies. Soon, however, he finds himself surrounded as one sneaks up and grabs Anthony, who manages to inject the zombie with something and escape. Unfortunately, the other zombies catch up to Anthony (who was "trapped between a radiator and a hard place") and kill him. Anthony only totaled six kills.

While recapping, Ian and Anthony learned the following things:



Achievement Won by Timestamp
Completely Miss Everything Ian 6:26
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