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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber.png

Justin Drew Bieber
March 1, 1994 (age 27)

  • his wife
  • his family
  • his career
  • basketball
  • rugby
  • singing and listening to other people's music
  • watching movies

  • The paparazzi
  • KSI
  • His top Google Search images
  • The really hurtful things he had said
his family (such as his wife, Hailey Bieber), Miley Cyrus
The paparazzi
Portrayed by

Justin Bieber is a famous pop singer and songwriter. In the Smosh videos, he is portayed by Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Shayne Topp, Noah Grossman and Damien Haas.

Characterization in Smosh

Justin Bieber first appears in "Leave It To Bieber", a parody of 1950's sitcoms, the name being a parody of the sitcom Leave It To Beaver. He would always get abused and yelled at by his dad, who always insults the way he does everything. Justin's father would also criticize Bieber's relationship with Usher saying that he is starting to think Justin is a homosexual. Justin asks "Hypothetically speaking, what if I was a homosexual?" His father replies that he would dis-own Justin and starts laughing. At the end of the show, they ask if Justin will ever hit puberty.

Justin Bieber appears again in "Justin Bieber Hits Puberty (Never Say Never: Part 2)", with Justin telling his story of how he hit rock bottom. Justin 's singing voice became crappy because of his aging and Usher gave him drugs to reverse the effect. Justin's voice got even worse and his penis fell off. His career went downhill from there, and soon he was on the streets having to sing for money and was in a YouTube video titled, "Homeless Woman singing on the street", which gained at least 151 million views. He was last seen with his only fan left and giving away his sock for $1.

Ian's ringtone in If Scary Movies Were Real was "Baby" by Justin Bieber in the parody sketch of "The Ring". Ian possibly takes a liking to Justin Bieber's music despite that Justin Beiber's music is critically panned.

This was taken some steps further during some episodes of Mail Time with Smosh on Ian is Bored. A running gag in Mail Time with Smosh would be Anthony turning the camera to Ian, where he catches him appearing to be making out with a Justin Bieber poster.

Justin appears again in If Bieber Wrote His Songs. Justin meets Niall disguised as his younger self to make new songs. After Niall reveals his secret, Justin confuses Niall with the Nile River, which made him upset.

He then appears in This Video is Offensive where he is offended over Anthony saying the word "stupid" because Usher said he is stupid. He is wearing no pants because he sagged them so low, they disappeared which Anthony and Ian questioned before he told them. This all happens during a YouTube comment convention which he is in because he likes leaving postive comments on his music videos on VEVO.

A poster of him (portrayed by Shayne Topp) appears in EVERY CRUSH EVER, where Ashley (Courtney Miller kisses it until she is interrupted by her noisy and empathic mother (she did the same with the Beach Boys) before she goes back to the activity.

In Every Disney Channel Show Ever, he (portrayed by Noah Grossman) is in a singing contest Lianna Indiana (Kimmy Jimenez) will participate. He later shows up to her and her best friends' house. He invited her to ride on his lambo, but first he silenced the audience, who cheered too long.

In One Letter Off Pop Songs, he (portrayed by Damien Haas) sings the song Tummy, a parody of Bieber's real song Yummy

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