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Jon Bailey is a voice actor. He is best known as "Epic Voice Guy" - the voice of Screen Junkies' 3x Emmy-Nominated "Honest Trailers" series and Smosh Games' "Honest Game Trailers" series on YouTube

As a professional voice actor, he has booked over 5,000 jobs, which include movie trailers, TV promos, commercials, video game characters, animation and more. He also professionally voicematches for some of the most famous celebrities. He also does his own social media content on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Stardust. In 2018, Jon appeared in the Transformers film Bumblebee as the voice of Soundwave/Shockwave.

The Jon Bailey page on the Honest Trailers wiki has more information about him.

On Smosh

Bailey appeared in the third Part Timers episode "Hot And Raw" as the health inspector and as the narrator in Lori's tape.


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