Singing, Putting People to Sleep, Drawing on People's Faces




Link (maybe) Snake (maybe) Fox (maybe)

Portrayed by:

Kalel Cullen (POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4!) Danny Abdon (Smash Rap)

Jigglypuff is a Pokémon who has appeared in Smosh videos.


He first appears physically in POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4! (portrayed by Kalel Cullen), where he used sleep on Ash (portrayed by Anthony Padilla), then uses sleep on him again and Pikachu during a battle but was finally caught. He also drew on Ash's face to Ash's disgust but the Metrosexual Hipster's joy. He was mentioned in the Shut Up! segment of POKEMON IN REAL LIFE! and POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 2!. The way he was mentioned in PIRL2 is also in BACK DAT ASH from Smosh Pit Weekly.He is also shown in If Video Games Were Real 2, where he battles Snake, Link, and Fox (more focused on Link) and when Fox jumps to his death, he stays on the battlefield with Snake and Link. This, and PIRL4 (and his carcass showing in Lunchtime with Smosh) is the only time he appears physically. He is also mentioned in The Pokemon Master!, where Anthony is too busy catching him to listen to Ian about the narrator showing up. He is also written in Ian Gets Lucky where Ian wishes to be him, on the shouldn't for the allowance list. He appears physically in Smash Rap as well.


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