Jane Victoria Winifred Banks is a character on Smosh based on the Mary Poppins character of the same name. She has been played by Olivia Sui and Courtney Miller.


Jane Banks is a character in the 1964 Disney film Mary Poppins and its 2018 sequel Mary Poppins Returns. In the original film, she is played by British child actress Karen Dotrice, and she is played by English actress Emily Mortimer in the sequel.

In the movie, Jane is the daughter of George and Winifred Banks and the sister of Michael Banks. Despite her friendly and caring personality, her and her brother's mischevious side has caused the resignation of six nannies in four months. However, upon the arrival of Mary Poppins, this all changes for the better.[1]


In the scene parodying Mary Poppins, as Mary Poppins sings "A Spoonful of Sugar" and feeds Jane a spoon of sugar, Jane goes into shock and falls into her brother's arms. Michael yells at their nanny, asking her why she did that because Jane is diabetic. Mary is unsure what to do, so Michael yells at her to grab Jane's insulin. Instead, Mary opts to try to fly out the window but instead falls to her death.[2]

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Mark Poppins unintentionally scares the Banks children.

In the scene parodying Mary Poppins as "Mark Poppins", a male Mark Poppins picks up the trash in the Banks' home as Jane and Michael sit on the couch with absolute terror on their faces. Marks offers to show the kids the "coolest stuff" in his bag, which the Banks children refuse. Mark starts to step forward, offering "tasty cane dust", advertising it as the "crumbs of angels". At this, Jane and Michael scream and run away, leaving Mark wondering why children always think he wants to kill them.[3]


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