Jack and Susan are a married couple and characters in the Smosh videos.


Jack and Susan are a married couple who first appeared in If TV Shows Were Real 2. Jack is geeky and bad with money, whereas Susan is plain and simple, but can also be a bit of a ditz.


If TV Shows Were Real 2

Jack and Susan's first appearance shows them on Smosh's version of the show House Hunters, where a narrator is questioning which house they will buy. Susan questions if they could get another but the narrator says no and shoots her dead. Jack then chooses the Breaking Bad house due to being a fan of that show, just to also get burned by the still-burning house.

World's Smallest House

Jack and Susan are the main characters of this video when they appear on the show Tiny House Hunters. They are attempting to save money for their dream wedding by moving into an extremely small house, but Jack, however, keeps spending their savings on Groupon deals. They cannot afford their wedding and instead get married in the house. By the end of the video, however, it burns down.

Ghosts vs Humans

After being dead for three months, the couple still occupies their home as ghosts. They start getting freaked out by Chloe and Andy, a living brother and sister who move into the house. When Chloe and Andy die, the four are forced to adjust to each other.


Somehow alive again, Jack and Susan go into the Social Media Divorce Court to gain custody of their dog's Instagram account. Judge Leslie "The Punch" Punch reveals the verdict: Jack keeps the Instagram account and Susan keeps the dog. Due to Jack not wanting an Instagram account without a dog and Susan not wanting a dog without an Instagram account, Jack and Susan realize how much they need each other, stop fighting, and gracefully resume their relationship, leaving their neglected son Ronnie behind once again.


  • They have been compared to the couple from Tim Burton's film Beetlejuice.
  • Due to Anthony's departure from Smosh, the Jack and Susan characters may be assumed dead per the Ghosts vs Humans video or retired from being utilized in Smosh videos. Either Susan may be recasted by someone else or the couple may be reworked.
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