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JOVEN GETS WAXED is the ninteenth installment for the SmoshGames series I Have a Raging Bonus. It was released on February 3, 2013. In this episode, Jovenshire is waxed by the others in preparation for his appearance in Cupidshire Joins the WWE.


Brief synopsis (Video Description)

Jovenshire requests for us to wax his chest in preperation for the cupid outfit.

Full synopsis

Joven explains that since SmoshGames have reached 1 million subscribers before the end of 2012, he will be appearing as Cupid in the next Game Bang and therefore needs to wax his chest "to look good". Mari begins what they dub "The Wax Job", immediately causing Joven immense pain. As Sohinki, Lasercorn, Anthony, and Ian all take turns waxing, Joven's chest begins to bleed, and they even find a spider in his chest hair. Finally, Joven gives up and asks them to stop, deciding to shave the remaining hair himself.


  • Joven released an extended version of this video later that evening on his channel, entitled "The Wax Job: Extended Cut".
  • This episode inspired the fanfiction read by the crew in Super Sexy Fan Fiction.
  • The wax job was voted by viewers as the funniest moment in the first year of Smosh Games in Top 5 Funniest Moments of Smosh Games.
  • This video was on Ian's Top 5 Smosh Videos list in the 31st episode of SmoshCast.