"Stop shooting me! You're just using me as a worm shield!"

JOVENSHIRE VS SOHINKI WORMS REVOLUTION is the 7th episode of Raging Bonus. It was released on November 9, 2012.


Jovenshire and Sohinki go head to head at Worms Revolution



Jovenshire and Sohinki playing against each other in Worms Revolution.

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Sohinki explains that after the events of WE'VE GOT WORMS!, Jovenshire bragged on Twitter about how his skills, so Sohinki challenged him to a 1v1 "worms-off" as a slap bet, meaning that the victor can slap the loser at any time during any future video.

Sohinki wins Round One, during which Jovenshire is killed by getting launched off the map.

After multiple slip-ups, Sohinki finishes Jovenshire off with a flamethrower, winning Round Two.

During the outro, Sohinki runs towards Joven win his hand in the air, and Joven raises his hands in defense and anticipation, but Sohinki faked it. Sohinki reminds him that it could be any future video in which he gets slapped.

Slow Motion Cams

Title Time Description
SLOW MO JOVEN ANGUISH CAM 9:13 Jovenshire reacting in surprise and disbelief after Sohinki lands a skilled shot against one of his worms.
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