J. K. Rowling is a Smosh character. She is based on J. K. Rowling, a British novelist famous for her book series turned media franchise Harry Potter. She is played by Courtney Miller.



On Deep Talk with Rodger Hodgson, Rodger interviews Rowling. Rodger asks if the decision to make Albus Dumbledore gay was a spontaneous one or a planned character trait. Rowling casually confirms the former, and also reveals that Nagini used to be human, Hagrid is a hoarder, and Severus Snape sells weed. When Rodger points out that this changes the entire context of the story, Rowling scoffs and explains that the story is for her, not him. Rowling also reveals Ron Weasley’s bed-wetting habit and Neville Longbottom being a furry.


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