Interview Pranks are videos where Smosh takes a flight to do a prank interview with an A-List celebrity starring in an upcoming film. There are also contributions with PrankitFwd where they play good hearted pranks on someone, such as surprising a fan.

Loki Interview Prank (Episode 1)

Ian and Anthony interview Tom Hiddleston while the other talks to them though an ear piece.

Emma Watson Surprise Prank (Episode 2)

Anthony and Joven interview Emma Watson, but Joven thought he was going to interview Logan Lerman.

The Rock Interview Prank (Episode 3)

Ian and Anthony interview Dwayne Johnson while the other talks to them though an ear piece.

Chris Pratt Interview Prank (Episode 4)

Ian and Anthony interview Chris Pratt about his upcoming movie "Jurassic World".

Jennifer Lawrence Pranks Smosh (Episode 5 with Prank It FWD)

Ian interviews Jennifer Lawrence, with Anthony giving him instructions, however, the tables are turned with Jennifer knowing what is going on because a Smosher named Dylan wanted to prank Smosh and he does so with the help of Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. Both Jennifer and Ian are having instructions given to them.

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