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If Music Were Real is the second Smosh album containing songs from Smosh videos as well as selected songs from Ian is Bored. The album was released on November 10, 2011.


  1. If Music Were Real (Intro)
  2. The Legend of Zelda Rap
  3. Meat in Your Mouth
  4. Hardcore Max 2
  5. Most Epic Vacation Ever (Cannon Penis)
  6. Segway Polo
  7. Boxman's Girlfriend
  8. Boxman for President
  9. Boxman's Happy Song/Boxman 2.0
  10. I Heart Burgers
  11. Happy Cow
  12. Anthony's Gone (Creeed)
  13. If Music Were Real (Outro)


Ian and Anthony were listening to Boxman when Ian comments that "no one would wanna listen to this crap." Anthony says that it's just a Smosh album and tells him to "imagine how stupid it would be if Smosh music was actually real."


Ian admits that Smosh music would be stupid if they were real. Anthony adds that the only thing stupider is that "people would actually buy this crap" and Ian calls the people "suckers." Pterodactyls suddenly break in which they're called Cyborg Pterodactyls with laser eyes. Ian and Anthony try to fight off the Cyborg Pterodactyls, but they're outnumbered and killed. A narrator says, "And so, Ian and Anthony were killed by Cyborg Pterodactyls with laser eyes. Eventually, the Cyborg Pterodactyls overran the entire country and Barack Obama was forced to rename the United States of America to the United States of Cyborg Pterodactyls. And they lived happily ever after. The End...Bitch."


Commercial Thumbnail

A month after this album was released, Smosh uploaded a commercial about the album on the Smosh channel on December 20, 2011. Along with the list of songs in this album, there are fake songs listed.

  • How to Kill People With Spaghetti
  • I Slept With a Kardashian (The Fat One)
  • Pedobear's Love Song
  • Mari's Ultimate Sexy Rap
  • I Poop Standing Up

The commercial states that the songs are perfect for romantic dinners (with Hardcore Max 2 used as an example), doing chores (with Boxman 2.0 as the example), or a pump-up song for your next UFC fight (the example being Happy Cow), but are inappropriate for shark attacks (with the example being Segway Polo), funerals (Boxman's Happy Song being used), or footage of the spokesperson's uncle eating dinner (with Boxman's Girlfriend in the background). The number to call to get the album is 1-800-DUMBASS (which when you call the number, it doesn't work). If you don't order, the spokesperson then says in a demonic voice similar to Ganon's, "OR I'LL RIP OUT YOUR F***ING HEART!"

Trivia/Goofs for the Commercial

  • When the "How To Order" screen is on, the fake credit card brands include: Pizza (Visa Parody), Dat Boner Network (Discover Card Network), MasterCrap (Master Card), and a normal unaltered American Express Rewards card.
  • In the commercial, the order information at the bottom of the To Order screen, just like Runbrella (No. 1 MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!), The Harry Potter Pill, along with Easy Step & Easy Poop, has NO real relation about the product it's selling.
  • The Spokesperson in the commercial says there are fourteen songs, yet the scrolling list still include the five extra spoofs.
  • The outro may be a parody of the Jurassic Park films.