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If Karens Ruled The World is a Smosh video uploaded on July 28, 2021.

Video Description

Be ready to go and grab your manager— this is what life would be like if Karens Ruled The World.

This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.



A mother (Amanda Lehan-Canto) gives birth to a baby (Courtney Miller). The baby immidiately complains about her mother's filthy uterus. The doctor (Shayne Topp) calls the baby a piece of $#*&, and when the mother does the same (except to the doctor), the doctor does the same (except to the mother).

Pledge of Allegiance

Instead of pledging allegiance to the US flag, four students (Olivia Sui, Jacklyn Uweh, Kimmy Jimenez, and Keith Leak Jr.) pledge their allegiance to the concept of pretending to be the victim.


Three filmers (Shayne, Amanda, and Courtney) film the stranger, the neighbor, cut someone off in the carpool lane, call the police, play the victim, are getting called out on Twitter, and sue.

Masked and Vaccinated Individual

Two noisy customers (Courtney and Amanda) as well as a quiet customer (Matt Duran?) heavily criticize a masked individual (Shayne). When the masked individual takes his mask off, he announces that he's vaccinated, causing the customers to ironically wear masks and want to be six feet apart from the individual.


Karen Meredith Waters (Kimmy) reports that Karen Cooper/O'Hearty posted that Del Taco is run by a bunch of Satan worshipers who wanna eat her children. The post gained 300 comments so far, and 600 angry face reactions, and Meredith confirms that is in fact true, because it was posted on Facebook. She reports that every liberal wants to eat her children.


A customer (Courtney) complains about the waiter (Amanda) waiting so long. The waiter retaliates.


A narrator (Damien Haas) shows four models (Olivia, Jackie, and Kimmy), all named Karen, show off their clothing.

  • Karen Olivia: the new Target "Mommy needs wine" tee, with a giant bedazzled denim baseball hat, very chic
  • Karen Jackie: ill-fitted capri jeans and accessorizing with a Starbucks cup with a way too complicated order
  • Karen Kimmy: a spiky A-line haircut with skunk highlights, and covered from head to toe in waiter tears


Three office workers (Amanda, Shayne, and Courtney) sue Lisa van Lenner in front of her door until 6 PM.


An American soldier (Amanda) verbally duels a Russian soldier (Courtney).


A waiter (Amanda) charges a customer (Courtney) four "my child is an honor student" bumper stickers. The customer only has three and one "my dog is my other child," causing the waiter to suggest the customer to give her a "ain't no shame in the minivan game" instead. The customer does have one, and they happily gave nice exchanges.


A priest (Amanda) pronounces the groom (Damien) "not good enough for her" and the bride (Courtney) "a showy bitch who needs a big wedding," and commands them to go forth and make a bunch of Republican babies.




  • Director: Ryan Finnerty
  • Written By: Olivia DeLaurentis and Sydney Heller
  • Editor: OnJonet Williams
  • Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
  • Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
  • Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
  • Production Coordinator: Jacqi Jones
  • Production Assistant: Heidi Ha
  • DP: Brennan Iketani
  • Camera Operator: Jonathan Na
  • Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
  • Art Director: Cassie Vance
  • Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
  • Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
  • Wardrobe: Lena Frostestad
  • Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
  • GFX: Brittany Metz, Winton Foulds
  • Content Manager: Kiana Parker
  • Stage Manager: David Hill
  • Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller