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Ian's Cat


Ian Hecox (formerly), Anthony Padilla (formerly)
Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla
Ian Hecox (owner)

Ian's cat is a character in Smosh. He is Ian's dangerous pet tuxedo cat who only appeared in "Cat Soup," in which he served as the main antagonist. In the episode, he went insane and killed Ian and Anthony after Anthony played rough with him.


"Cat Soup"

In this episode, after Ian was sick and served soup by Anthony, Ian noticed a bloody scratch mark on Anthony's cheek and he questioned him about it. After Anthony refused, Ian told him to tell him since he told him what he wanted for his birthday. Finally giving in, a reluctant Anthony explained that earlier, he was playing with his cat when all of a sudden, he scratched his face and then tried to kill him, which resulted in a huge fight in the kitchen, with Anthony using a spatula as a weapon. After putting the cat in the microwave, the fight continued and Anthony spotted a nearby pot of soup that he then dumped the cat into and seemingly killed by doing so.

After Ian vomited out the soup and got better, Anthony shared a laugh with Ian when he said he thought Anthony had asked if he still liked steamed rice, when he really said they can now go see Disney on Ice since Ian's not sick anymore. Ian soon saw the cat behind Anthony and got scared and he quickly told Anthony and the two boys then screamed in terror as the cat took out his knife from earlier and slaughtered Ian and Anthony with multiple scratch wounds.

It is then revealed that Ian and Anthony's deaths are now all over the newspaper and the scene cuts to Ian's cat holding his knife wearing a Rambo outfit and Anthony looking scared.


Ian's cat used to be playful and gentle until Anthony played rough with him and this made him turn violent, vicious, and feral permanently and no longer trust Ian and Anthony.


Ian's cat is a tuxedo cat with green eyes.


  • Ian's cat is unnamed in the series.
  • He is actually a plush.
  • Ian's cat was one of many cats in the music video for "Cute Furry Kittens."


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