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I Love Lou Ferrigno! is a Smosh video uploaded on April 23, 2010.


Ian and Anthony travel to L.A. to find a wormhole, but Anthony's really going there to find Lou Ferrigno.


Anthony and Ian were entering the house, where Anthony complains to Ian that his car doesn't work because Ian's pet squirrel Squirrley was hiding in Anthony's car engine. Ian tries to lighten the situation that Anthony can now run everywhere, except Anthony says that he'll look like a girl. Anthony sees that Ian is surfing on a website called Ian says that he stumbled upon the site and explains that the website tracks Lou Ferrigno's every location. Anthony hastily leaves the room afterward.

Anthony goes into his room to unveil his Lou Ferrigno shrine. He puts on the toy Hulk hands and logs on to He learns that Lou Ferrigno is currently at 386 Greenback Street at Hollywood, California. Anthony then tells his shrine that he will find Lou Ferrigno. Anthony leaves his room dressed as a squirrel, using a microphone to disguise his voice to make it sound squirrely. Ian was watching puppy videos when he hears a voice that he thought was Fred. Anthony in the squirrel costume comes in and tells Ian that he's his pet squirrel. Anthony says to Ian that he has to find a wormhole to Squrreltopia, a place where squirrels go when they die. Anthony tells Ian the address where Lou Ferrigno is at and leaves, but comes back to ask Ian to get a different haircut because "it looks like a frickin' hipster combover."

A map then shows that Ian and Anthony were driving to Hollywood (Map is to scale. Yes, Ian's car is really that big). The boys were now at the address when Ian asks why Anthony brought a camera. Anthony says that he brought it to take a picture of Ian in the wormhole. When they enter the house, they find a guy using a shake weight inside, but not Lou Ferrigno. Anthony tells Ian that he made the Squirreltopia story up so they can discover Lou Ferrigno. The guy tells him that Lou Ferrigno is at a shoot for the Butterfinger Defense League.

Ian and Anthony arrive at DC Studios, where Ian spots Lou Ferrigno on his phone. Anthony was nervous on approaching Lou, so Ian decides to talk to Lou himself. Ian runs up to Lou and tells him that someone stole his Butterfinger. Lou says that "nobody's gonna lay a finger on [his] Butterfinger" and he and Ian run. Anthony greets Lou, but Lou thinks that Anthony took his Butterfinger. Ian tries to stop him but was too late when Lou throws a boulder at Anthony, knocking him out. Ian was worried, but Lou says that it's just a boulder made of styrofoam. Ian tries to lift the boulder up to no avail. Lou realizes that he threw a real boulder at Anthony and had the fake one with him the whole time. A message shows: No squirrels or Anthony Padillas were harmed in the making of this film. Anthony says, "I'm okay Lou! I still love you!"


I Love Lou Ferrigno!


  • The Butterfinger Defense League was mentioned again in My Mom's AMAZING Video!
  • Typing in the URL to the Lou Ferrigno Tracker website ( used to take you to Ian's Embarrassing Video.
  • At the beginning of the video, Anthony mentions that Ian runs "like a girl," and later in the video when Ian and Anthony are running while sneaking up to the gate to meet Lou Ferrigno, Ian can be seen running in an odd manner, thus proving Anthony's statement correct.