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Best friend? We don't even know you.
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The video thumbnail featuring Smosh co-founder and Smosh President June 2017-? Ian Hecox and the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama

"I LOOK LIKE OBAMA?!" is the 92nd installment of Ian is Bored.

Video Description:

We open more mail from you guys! Yay!


Anthony is holding a pink cat sunglasses pouch and he emits a loud "MEOWWW! as he slides some black sunglasses in and Ian, behind the camera, lets out a short groan when the sunglasses are inside the pouch. The Ian is Bored title card then comes up.


In the Smosh House, Anthony has the camera trained on him and welcomes the viewers, but then calls the show "Anthony is Bored", immediately getting Ian's indignation and attention. Ian is only upset because of the principle of the matter. Anthony then dramatically says they are going to open mail, and shows a mess of mail on the floor. Anthony again promotes the show being "Anthony is Bored", and Ian negates this; however, the two are only joking.

The two friends receive many gifts:

  • A pencil drawing of someone, but neither knows who it is.
  • Nyan cat with a pink frosted sprinkled donut drawn on notebook paper.
  • A side-by-side of Ian with Ben Stiller.
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