I HAVE A MICROPENIS is a Smosh video released September 23, 2016.


After some online research, Anthony is concerned he has a micropenis and needs Ian to conduct an examination.


The video begins with Anthony looking at a laptop. After reading something for a moment, he throws the laptop in fear, destroys a CD shelf and tears down a curtain. Anthony then goes to curl up in a running, shower with all his clothes on, crying.

Soon, Ian arrives at the bathroom door, and suspects Anthony is crying in the shower and asks if he is okay. Anthony claims he's fine, but Ian believes he is actually crying like a "pathetic piece of sh*t." Ian enters the bathroom, and finds Anthony, who claims he has a problem. Since they are friends, Ian agrees to help him, until he finds out he must look at Anthony's penis. Ian finds out Anthony wants him to look at it because Anthony believes he might have a micropenis. Anthony then uses the Best Friend Card to try and convince Ian, by actually holding a Best Friend Card.

Ian and Anthony then move to the living room. Anthony continues trying to convince Ian, saying some men have micropenises. Ian suggest Anthony looks at his penis himself, and check if it looks like a "baby dick." Anthony then says he can't remember what his penis looked like at that age, and accuses Ian of looking at naked baby boys, for knowing such information. Ian claims he doesn't want to see them, but he does, as they're always running around naked at the beach and parents let their kids watch R-rated movies in theaters and give them drugs, and blames America for the problems. Anthony uses the Best Friend Card again, and Ian finally agrees. But says he'll need training. A song then starts while Ian and Anthony do masculine things.

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