INJUSTICE 2 PUNISHMENT FINALE W/ EPIC MEAL TIME, STEVE ZARAGOZA & MORE! (Game Bang) is an episode of Game Bang released May 12, 2017. It guest stars Malik, Erika Ishiii, Dan Casey, Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time, Michael Davis from Warpzone and Steve Zaragoza.


Round 2 is here! Who will be crowned the CHAMPION?

Special thanks to these awesome people for joining us:

Malik @malik4play - The Malik Gaming Erika Ishiii @erikaishii - Geek & Sundry Dan Casey @dancasey - Nerdist Harley Morenstein @harleyplays - Epic Meal time Michael Davis @teamdavis - Warpzone Steve Zaragoza @stevezaragoza

Make sure you grab the game on May 16th 2017!


Wheel of Punishment:

  • Malik: Clothespins on the face
  • Steve Zaragoza: Clothespins on the face
  • Boze: Eating ice cream with a Big Mouth mouthpiece
  • Harley Morenstein: Twitter Takeover
  • Lasercorn: Putting your hand into the mystery bucket
  • Davis: Scoop of baby food


Round One

  • Malik Vs Davis
  • Lasecorn Vs Steve Zaragoza

Round Two

  • Davis Vs Boze
  • Lasercorn Vs Harley Morenstein

Round Three

  • Lasercorn Vs Davis

Round Four

The winner of this episode's bracket went against the winner of the bracket in Celebrity Injustice 2 W/ Nerdist, Geek & Sundry and More!.

  • Flitz Vs Davis

Fan Interaction

  • Harley Morenstein commented saying: 'Swamp Thing is so sick. I need more Swamp Thing in my life.' It received over 430 likes.
  • Lasercorn commented saying: 'This game makes me wish I was better at fighting games!' It receieved over 70 likes.
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