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IMPOSSIBLE MARVEL MOVIE TRIVIA! is the twenty-ninth episode of Board AF released April 30, 2017. The cast plays Scene It? Marvel Edition guest starring Damien Haas and Matt Raub.


How good is your Marvel movie trivia? Play along with us and find out!

Board AF - the table top game show! We'll be playing all kinds of board & card games - so let us know what you want to see!


  • 1st - Jovenshire
  • 2nd - Flitz
  • =3rd - Damien
  • =3rd - Matt Raub
  • 5th - Lasercorn


  • It was originally called MARVEL SCENE IT?! (Board AF).
  • This is Damien's first appearance on Board AF.

Fan Interaction

  • Lasercorn commented saying: 'DR. COCKBLOCKTAPUS!' It received over 740 likes.