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If Video Games Were Real 4
October 30, 2015
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IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 4 is a Smosh main channel video. It is the nineteenth installment of the If... Were Real series.


Video games are awesome when you're playing them. Video games are not so awesome when they exist for real.

Ian is doing yoga on Wii Fit. Anthony acknowledges that Ian can't get fit from playing it, but then Ian tells him how stupid certain video games would be like if they were real.

Super Mario Maker

Mario (Anthony) is stuck inside a practically unbeatable level with nothing but traps and enemies. He then curses the player who created the level.

The Last of Us

Joel is sneaking around the room in search of gears. Ellie tells him that they have to run, but he instead tells her to shut up and finds a few gears.

Five Nights At Freddy's

Mike Schmidt (Ian) sees Freddy Fazbear come to life on a camera screen. Surprised, he calls his boss asking how much he gets paid for this job. He then says to him as Freddy sneaks away, "Eleven dollars? F**k that s**t!" hangs up, and runs away.

Happy Wheels

Anthony rides his bicycle down his driveway before stopping at the sidewalk. He decides that one tiny step won't hurt him, but just before he can make the road, he explodes. His body parts scatter all over the place.

Batman: Arkham Knight

A panicked citizen tries to alert Batman that the city is on the brink of destruction, but Batman ignores him in favor of looking for the Riddler trophies. He successfully finds one, then says "Only 500 more to go!"

Pokemon Go

Billy Hamburger (Ian) is on his iPhone with his friends. He announces, "C'mon, guys; let's catch 'em all!" They all cheer and run out of the house, but then are seen idling on the sidewalk, boringly playing the game.

Gears of War

Marcus Michael Fenix (Anthony) is way behind in a 100-meter race because he runs really slowly, which he cannot help. Even further behind him, however, is Joel, who is still looking for gears.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Link (Ian) mindlessly swings his sword around. A nearby princess explains, "He's using the Wiimote."

EuroTruck Simulator 2

Two rednecks (Ian and Anthony, respectively) are talking to each other through walkie-talkies. One of them is driving a truck, and they are both making truck puns, saying things like "mother-trucker."


A soldier literally freezes two others (Anthony and Ian, respectively) by choosing which body parts to shoot. He eventually blows off the second one's arm.

Deleted Scene

Goat Simulator

A goat. That's it.


Anthony admits that those video games would suck in real life, just as Ian has know become big and buffed up after having done the same yoga pose (It's only been 3:56). Suddenly, a Wii Fit trainer shows up, ready to date Ian. When Ian sees her, he and Anthony freak out, but Ian's scream eventually devolves into "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHI do!" thereby cutting to their wedding. Unfortunately, Ian can't kiss the bride due to the trainer having no lips.

"Shut Up!" Opening

Another mobile game? Hmmph! Stupid casuals!


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Olivia Sui

Shayne Topp

Courtney Miller

Noah Grossman


  • This is the first video to have Ian clarify how dumb things would be in real life instead of Anthony. Although [Blank] in Real Life series isn't counted for If [Blank] were real series.
  • The title card shows SNES cartridges. Behind If Video Games Were Real 4 are the cartridges for Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, and Shaq Fu.
  • In the Five Nights At Freddy's scene, That Damn Neighbor can be seen on the left screen.
  • In the Ending scene, The Time that Anthony tells Ian is actually a current time that video play.