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If TV Shows Were Real 2 is a Smosh video released August 22, 2014. It is the fifteenth installment of the If... Were Real series.


Wouldn't it suck if TV shows were actually realistic? We take a look at Orange is the New Black, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and MORE!


Ross (Ian) is shocked that the rent in New York is so high after seeing eviction notice. Later, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Monica and Rachel are on the streets, broke and homeless.


Anthony Padilla as Himself/Leonard/Joey/Jim

Ian Hecox as Himself/Walter White/Sherlock/Ross

Ryan Todd as George R. R. Martin

Brittni Barger as Penny/Piper

Claire Fischer as Phoebe/Dead Body

Patrick Egan as Chandler

Lee Eisenhower as Monica