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IF ROMANTIC MOVIES WERE REAL is a Smosh video uploaded on February 13, 2015. It is the sixteenth installment of the If... Were Real series.


Since the beginning of film, romantic movies have been filling people's hearts with hope and love. But what happens if they were written the way life ACTUALLY plays out?


(the characters are not 100% accurate)


Ian and Anthony are watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Ian wishes that he had a girlfriend like Ramona Flowers, stating that he would fight her Seven Evil Exes to be with her. Anthony disagrees, but Ian tells him he will do so and that real life love is boring. Ian tells Anthony to imagine if romance is like in the movies, but Anthony was annoyed by the fact that in the past five years in every single subject, Ian doesn't understand that it would suck if they are real.

What Women Want

Nick Marshall asks Darcy McGuire if she wants to have sex with him. But when Darcy refuses to do so, Nick yells "Dammit!"

When Harry Met Sally...

During a dinner with Harry Burns, Sally Albright fakes an orgasm crazily. Harry leaves to save himself from embarrassment.


Molly Jensen pretends to make out with a ghost, possibly Sam Wheat. Oda Mae Brown asks Molly what she's doing and tells her she is nasty before leaving. As Brown does so, Molly asks "the ghost" if his penis is inside her.

Pretty Woman

In a party, Edward Lewis introduces an ugly Vivian Ward to the guests, much to their disgust. Edward tells them that she is precious.

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet

Romeo stands on Juliet's body and takes poison. Just as he takes it, Juliet wakes up and Romeo dies. Juliet was happy, saying it was the "easiest breakup ever."


Theodore Twombly has sex with his computer.


Jonathan Switcher has sex with a mannequin.

Marley & Me

NOTE: Just kidding. You guys are sick...

Gone with the Wind

As Rhett Butler is leaving, Scarlett O'Hara asks him what is she going to do and where is she going. Rhett responds with his popular line, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." and then the scouts and Rhett make fun of Scarlett.

The 40 Year-Old Virgin

In a room, Andy Stitzer is sitting in a bed with a prostitute, who tells him to pay her $10. As he does so, the prostitute forces Andy's head onto her vagina, possibly to have oral sex.

(500) Days of Summer

Tom Hansen is standing on a hot desert, saying "Global warming is not real, my ass".

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

While on a date with Benjamin Barry, Andie Anderson tells him that she defecates while she sleeps, prompting Benjamin to leave.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Christian Grey tells Anastasia Steele, who is handcuffed in his chamber that they have already went through "49 shades" of gray paint palettes. While holding the fiftieth shade in his hand, Ana tells him it's perfect, which relieves Christian, saying that they can finally go to the "creepy stuff."

Brokeback Mountain

Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist are in a tent, where Jack tells Ennis that it's difficult to hide their homosexual relationship and that he wish he knew how to quit Ennis, who tells him that gay marriage is legal in 36 states. Suddenly, two cowboys open the tent and tell Ennis and Jack that they support their bromance and that no one cares if they are gay.

Knocked Up (Deleted Scene)

Allison Scott can't remember who she had sex with and asks her friend about it. Allison's friend shows her a picture of Ben Stone and is shocked about it.


Anthony clarifies that it would suck if romantic movies are real, but Ian is tired of that and leaves. Later at Ramona's apartment, Ian sees Ramona and starts acting weird. Ramona notices him, who asks her if he can be her boyfriend. Ramona agrees, only if he defeated her seven evil exes. Ian takes the challenge, but is beaten up by her seven evil exes and regrets doing it.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Keith Leak II

Olivia Sui

Madison Brunoehler

Noah Grossman


If Romantic Movies Were Real/Script



  • This is Ian's second appearance as a hooker (the first one being in the Food Battle 2013)
  • These are Keith and Olivia's fourth appearances in a row and Madison's second one.

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