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Keith: "Bro, what's going on? It's really not that funny, right?"
Shayne: "Aw, dude, if I don't keep laughing at every mildly entertaining thing, then people are gonna realize how boring and dumb our lives are! Hahahahahahaha!"
— Keith and Shayne during the third clip[src]

IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE YOUTUBERS is a Smosh video released on December 24, 2018, directed and produced by Ryan Todd and written by Ian Hecox and Ryan Finnerty. The video parodies YouTube trends and stereotypes, such as reactions, stunts, and sponsorships.





  • Courtney Miller as Chelsea, Colby, Bernice, and a family-friendly office boss
  • Ian Hecox as Tim, a reacting bystander, and an office worker
  • Noah Grossman as a ginger girl and Bernice's fiancé
  • Keith Leak Jr. as a ginger girl, himself, and a reacting bystander
  • Shayne Topp as himself and a reacting bystander


  • Director: Ryan Todd
  • Producer: Ryan Todd
  • Editor: Ryan Todd
  • Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
  • Camera: Brennan Iketani
  • Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
  • Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins


IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE YOUTUBERS Clip 1.png Chelsea (Courtney) is having a row with her husband Tim (Ian) and even suggests divorce. Tim swears to do better for her and their child, but immediately proceeds to advertise Audible (promo code "pleasedontdivorcemechelsea"). Tim also advertises "Me Undies" before Chelsea screams in frustration.
IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE YOUTUBERS Clip 2.png Three friends (Noah, Keith, and Courtney in ginger wigs) are out on a "girls' night" with each other, but all of them need to do their makeup first. Instead of actually doing their makeup, however, each girl talks to herself in the mirror as if they were talking to an audience.
IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE YOUTUBERS Clip 3.png Keith is telling Shayne about a story of him waiting at a train station for Chelsea for three hours, only for her to never show up due to her Uber driver getting lost. Unfortunately, Shayne is laughing rather overzealously at the story, reasoning that not doing so will allow other people will see how "boring and dumb" their lives are.
IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE YOUTUBERS Clip 4.png A friend (Shayne) of Colby (Courtney) jumps into her pool, not realizing that it is filled with burning furniture. Colby suggests the hot tub to put the flames out but remembers too late that it is filled with gummy bears that stick to her friend's burning skin. Finally, as a last resort, the friend rushes to the bathtub filled with slime that, much to his surprise, finds to be "actually really cool".
IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE YOUTUBERS Clip 5.png Bernice (Courtney) is being proposed to by her boyfriend (Noah) while Keith obnoxiously "reacts" and calls Ian and Shayne to watch him "react". The first bystander encourages the couple to continue their moment, so Bernice excitedly accepts. Keith continues "reacting" while Ian and Shayne watch on, entertained.
IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE YOUTUBERS Clip 6.png Keith is trying to talk to Noah, who is six months behind on rent. Noah ignores him and asks if he finds the sounds of crunching potato chips or lightly slapping mayonnaise in his hand "oddly satisfying", which Keith finds gross. When Noah tears Keith's jury summons paper in half and chuckles in satisfaction, Keith snaps and attacks him.
IF PEOPLE ACTED LIKE YOUTUBERS Clip 7.png An office worker curses when he receives a paper cut just as his boss walks by, who crossly asks if he swore in a "[her] family-friendly" office. The worker confirms it but doesn't see why it is a problem. His boss simply replies that he won't receive that day's pay and the next day's as well when he swears again as a result.


"Hey, guys! Thank you so much for watching this video, and if you're not yet "thubscribed" — wait, did I just say "thubscribed"? Well, if you're not yet "thubscribed", "thubscribe" right now. If you want to see EVERY YOUTUBER EVER, click the box on the left, and if you want to see 2008 YOUTUBE VS 2018 YOUTUBE, click the box on the right."
— Ian.



  • This is the first Smosh video that Olivia has not been in since Smosh lost Defy Media as their parent company.
  • A Roblox death sound plays during transitions.