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IF MOVIES WERE REAL 4 is the twenty-first installment in the If... Were Real series. It was uploaded October 21, 2016.


Anthony and Ian see what even MORE movies would be like if they were realistic.



Ian and Anthony seem to be watching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in the scene where Superman says his mothers name and Batman realized that HIS mother's name is also the same, Which makes Ian think that the 2 wouldn't stop fighting because their mothers have the same name. But Anthony makes Ian remember what he was going to say and makes him say what Anthony always says.

Finding Dory

A random person at a restaurant (Ian) was eating sushi and saw a fish that reminded him of Dory and said "Found Her!"

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Billy Hamburger (Ian) was having a nightmare which was Jack Skellington ruining Christmas. Then Billy's father (Anthony) was coming up to him, asking if he was OK. He said that he had a nightmare that Christmas already happened. Billy's father said that Christmas was tomorrow but his parents are getting divorced.

The Silence of the Lambs

A lamb was making its usual sound while one guy was reading the instructions of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, he tells the lamb to be quiet. The lamb does so and the nerd continues to read.

Pitch Perfect

Becca (Ian in a wig) is auditioning for the Barden Bella acapellas. She does the cup song and it turns out horribly. The audition guy (Anthony) said "next" and Becca left the room.

Inside Out

A random person (Anthony) has his skin inside out and is screaming in pain.


Cinderella (Courtney Miller) hears the bell ring for midnight and she has to leave. The prince (Anthony) says that the spell will wear off and she will turn back into a servant girl. But it turns out that she is going to go home and eat a pizza and take her glass slippers off.

Suicide Squad

A Group of aliens called the Zorklonians (Ian, Anthony, Lee Eisenhower) were staring at a camera and were about to drink poison for Zorklon. They die from it.

The Secret Life of Pets

A man (Anthony) was going to work and telling his dog Shasta to be a good dog, and the rest of the footage was seen on the camera he was talking about and the dog was seen humping the cushions.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Now the footage shows Walter Mitty (Ian) humping the cushion where the dog was.


When Ian says that movies would suck if they were realistic for the fourth time, A burglar (Ryan Todd) comes in and tells them to give him their wallets. The burglar opens Anthony's wallet and asks him who that person was. That person is his mom Anne. The burglar states that his mom is also named Anne. Ian says that they can't stop because their mothers have the same name. The burglar asks who Ian's mom is. Ian replies with "Ian's Mom" because he does not know his mother's name (referencing Real Death Note). The burglar punches Ian and asks if Anthony wants to go out. Anthony says "Heck, yeah" to the camera.