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IF KIDS SHOWS WERE REAL 2 is a Season 2017 Smosh video. It is a sequel to the video IF KID SHOWS WERE REAL! It is the longest awaited sequel in Smosh history.


What if your favorite kids shows were real? Part 2!


Curious George

A woman is being driven around by The Man in the Yellow Hat (real name: Ted Shackleford) and looks behind her to see a baby car seat covered with a blanket and endearingly states that she was unaware that he is a father. Ted explains that he is "not exactly" a father, causing the now confused woman to reach behind her and pull down the blanket, revealing a monkey in the car seat. The woman, now freaked out, decides that she is "not doing this" and jumps out of the still-moving car as Ted drives on.

The Magic School Bus

An upset Ms. Frizzle is packing her belongings as Mr. Ruhle, the principal, expresses his condolences and tells her that she should have forseen her departure as she "kept taking kids on field trips inside of other kids". Ms. Frizzle tries to take the class pet chameleon Liz with her, but Mr. Ruhle stops her as Liz is school property. A devastated Ms. Frizzle begins wailing.

Sesame Street

Marge walks up to Bob and they greet each other. Marge looks at what Bob is watching and is disappointed to see more puppets moving in. Bob and Marge start to trade complaints and stories about their experiences with their puppet neighbors, such as the Sesame Street waste management refusing to empty Marge's trash due to Oscar the Grouch living in it, Cookie Monster trying to steal cookies from Bob's grocery bags, and the "pervy little red on" (Elmo) continuously requesting Marge to tickle him. Bob and Marge both shudder in disgust at the Elmo story.

Hey Arnold!

Someone calls out "Hey, Arnold!" (obvious reference to the title) and Arnold, who is sitting on a staircase, responds with "Yeah?". The off-screen individual, apparently not expecting a response, stutters, and replies with "Nothing!", to Arnold's irritation and disappointment.

The Amazing World of Gumball

A gumball in a gumball machine expresses its excitement to go down the "twirly slide". Someone walks up to the gumball machine and pays for a gumball. The gumball bids farewell to the other gumballs and prepares for its new life. The man grabs the gumball and puts it in his mouth and begins to chew on it, causing the gumball to screech in pain.

Hannah Montana

Ashley Dewitt greets Miley Cyrus in class. Before Miley can tell Ashley her name, Ashley cuts her off and reveals that everyone already knows that Miley is Hannah Montana, something that she deems "so goddamn obvious".

The Cat in the Hat

Bob and Marge are standing in front of a pug in a birthday hat and "agree to disagree" that the pug is either a cat or not.


Keith sings a parody of the DuckTales theme song, explaining that all of the characters are ducks, and therefore "can't do shit" such as flying planes or diving into a pool of gold.


The video received mixed reviews and even some arguments from both opposing sides. Specifically, many viewers expressed their disgust with Smosh's current product, many out of this group of people comparing it to Smosh's older set of videos, saying how much better their older content was. Others disagreed with the claim, saying that Smosh has either stayed the same throughout the years or improved in video quality.

Smosh's subscriber count fluctuated throughout the first hours of the video, their subscriber count going up and down as the video gained more attention and aged. The video reached one thousand dislikes at around 10:25 (Eastern Standard Time) the first evening of its existence and by then, the video had amassed over twenty thousand likes.

Other comments featured jokes about or referring to the video in positive and negative ways, or neutrual such as

"I couldn't tell whether Ian or Courtney was in the thumbnail".

The most popular set of comments received attention from Smosh themselves.

Smosh pinned a comment by YouTube user, Carlos Manriquez which said

"Glad to see Courtney did her own stunts in the video!", referencing the 0:19 part of the video where someone who is supposedly Courtney is jumping out of a moving car and on to the ground when she realizes that the driver and her current love interest, the man with the yellow hat, has a child; Curious George, the monkey.

Smosh replied to Carlos with a happy emoji.

Smosh also "loved" and replied to a comment made by YouTube user, Sofie Petrov. The comment addressed the negativity from some of the viewers of Smosh.

"Damn, the comments you guys have been getting lately are just sad. Everyone at smosh works so hard to shoot and produce these videos and all people can do is complain. Yes, smosh might be different than it was 6 years ago. So what? Everyone changes, if you don't like it, don't watch it.


Smosh for me consists of a bunch of loving people who work hard, and they all deserve recognition.

Thank you guys for everything and don't ever stop doing what you love".

Smosh replied to the comment with a thank you, acknowledging the person's first name with exclamation.

The replies of the comment other than Smosh's saw some viewers express their shock about Smosh paying attention to the comment, with the user being both happy Smosh saw it and surprised as well.

Some were happy they saw a positive comment about Smosh but some disagreed with the comment, expressing their dislike for Smosh in 2017.

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