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IF GUYS HAD GIRL PROBLEMS is a Smosh main channel video.


Ian and Anthony are challenged to go through a day in the life of a woman. They'll deal with sexist cops, putting on make-up, and hair removal. What will they find most difficult? Most enticing?


Ian and Anthony are talking and walking trough a hallway and they pass by two girls (Denise and Angela), who appear to be babbling as well. The guys stop, turn around, and Ian notices how awesome Denise's dress is. She looks annoyed and tells Ian to stop harrassing them. Anthony explains that the only thing his friend did was to compliment her dress. Angela is upset, because no one ever compliments her. Ian shares that he is in the same situation as her, even though he spends a lot of time to color coordinate his clothes. Denise tells the guys that they don't understand how a girl's life can be a "total bitch sometimes". Ian and Anthony don't believe them and Denise challenges them to put makeup on their faces.

​Putting makeup

In the next scene, Ian and Anthony are seen in front of the mirror. Anthony is putting some rouge on his cheeks, while Ian is putting an orange lipstick all over his mouth. Anthony says that it's bullshit how the society forces them to fit in a certain mold by wearing makeup, but Ian shares that he feels more "confident and pretty". Anthony notices how his skin looks smooth like a porcelain doll's. Later, they both agree that putting makeup turns out to be awesome. Denise doesn't understand how they like being girls, but tells them that they have to remove all of their body hair, "all of it".

Removing body hair

The guys are in the living room, removing their body hair while the girls are sitting on the couch and watching them. Anthony pulls a waxing strip from his left leg and screams in pain. Denise asks him with a sly face if he is having a "hard time", but he replies that he is happy from the fact that he can finally wear skinny jeans. Ian, who is shaving his chest hair and his nipples are bleeding, notices how his chest skin feels like a "rubbery dolphin". Angela is drinking a bevarage from a cup and shares that she "loves dolphins" and starts to play with her straw, using her tongue. Ian is looking at her with a weird face and a long pause appears. Denise stops the silence by challenging the guys to pee sitting down.

Peeing sitting down

In the next scene, Anthony and Ian are sitting on toilets, peeing while the girls are watching them from the opened door. Ian doesn't understand what the big deal is, because he does this all the time. Anthony answers that he does that as well and notices the "one time", when he felt a poop coming out while he was peeing and the guys get excited. Denise makes a disgusted face and stops their joy by asking how would they handle not ever eating what they want.

Not ever eating what you want

The guys are sitting on the couch and Ian is preparing to take a bite off a big pizza slice. But Anthony pushes the pizza out of his face and reminds him that they have to look as hot as Christian Bale by summer. He shows his friend a picture of Bale, telling Ian that he is the "#Thinspiration". Ian notices that if they won't have time for eating, they can do a bunch of activities. Anthony wants to solve a crossword puzzle, while Ian wants to adopt an unpriviledged asian baby. Angela pops out and proposes Ian to adopt her. He makes a disgusted face and the camera is moved back to Denise. She tells that the guys will never like to walk in high heels.

Walking in high heels

The next scene shows how Ian and Anthony struggle to climb the stairs, because they are wearing heels. For them, this turns out to be a "freakout workout" and they finally make it to the next floor. Ian shares that his butt has lifted up and Anthony slaps it, causing him to break his fingers because of its hardness ("hard as concrete"). Ian yells from enjoyment that being a girl "rocks balls". The girls show up from the left side and Denise wants to see how they can handle the sexist cops. Meanwhile, Angela is fondling Ian's cheek with her finger and whispers "Hi".

Dealing with sexist cops 

Anthony is seen driving a car, but suddenly Sergeant Anous stops him. Anous tells that he saw Anthony speeding, running on a red light and "kicking a nun in the ballsacks". Anthony gets his car belt off his shoulder, gives Sgt. Anous a flity glance and starts to unbutton his blouse, showing his chest and nipples. He asks Anous if they can "work something out". The sergeant is turned on from the look of Anthony's chest and lets him to go. Denise pops out from the back seat, not understanding how Anthony dealed with the cop and wants to see how the guys can deal with fangirling.

Dealing with fangirl urgencies

In the next scene, Ian is sitting on his bed, dressed up in a penguin pajama and talking to a picture of Callum from 5SOS. Ian imagines how his nipples will callouse over if Callum strokes them. Unexpectedly, the next shot shows Angela now lying on Ian's lap, causing him to scream and to ask her to stop. Denise is seen sitting on a chair, annoyed from the fact that the guys are dealing with the girl life and tells Ian that is time to bring out the "big guns".

The "Big Guns"

Anthony and Ian are sitting on the living room couch. Anthony tells Ian that he should get off the high heels from his feet already, but Ian responds that they are super cute. As Anthony is agrees how good the heels are looking on Ian's feet, Ian starts to moan from pain and wraps his arms around his abdomen. Anthony asks if he is okay and Ian tells that he felt a stinging pain in his lower abdomen. Anthony notices that Ian is not looking good, but Ian starts to yell out from nowhere and to act bitchy. They start fighting and Ian begins to suffocate Anthony with his hands saying "I[breath] WAS [bigger breath] FINE (with enormous breath)", which kills him or blacks him out after a few seconds. Realizing what he did, Ian gets up from the couch and sees blood on his white pants which makes him say: "F**k my life!" The girls show off from the door and tell him to relax, because it's just his period. He laughs, apologizes to the already dead Anthony and points to his bloody crotch, referring it as a "vagina blood". Angela points to Ian's best friend and notices that he looks dead.


Denise asks Ian if he thinks that being a girl is hard, but he answers that is pretty easy and turns around to walk away. As he starts walking, he is tripping from the high heels and eventually falls on the ground, which causes him to yell that 'being a girl "sucks ASS"'.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Brittni Barger

Madison Brunoehler


If Guys Had Girl Problems/Script



  • This is Madison Brunoehler's first appearance as mentioned on the BTS video.
  • This is Sgt. Anous first appearance for Season 2015.
  • When Sgt. Anous stops Anthony, he says that he caught him kicking a nun in the ballsacks. A "nun" is actually a woman, so she can't have balls.
  • Many people in the comments discuss which is worse: to be kicked in the balls or having period cramps. 
  • At 2:08 there is a picture of Billy's and Brent's mom, all of which are featured in Parents Suck. 
  • Angela apparently likes Ian, ironically, they appear to have the same personality in this episode. 

Shut Up! Opening

"The first thing 99% of guys would do if they wake up as a woman would be fondle their boobs. SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending

"If you're not already subscribed you probably should or what just happened to Ian will probably happen to you so each might want to be safe if you just click it."