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IF FAIRY TALES WERE MODERN DAY is a Smosh main channel video.


What would your favorite fairy tales be like if they were in 2018?!


Jack and Jill

A mom reads Jack and Jill to her kids, and yells at them and tells them not to go outside.

The Tortoise and the Hare

Two people are cheering for the Tortoise, but the man states the Tortoise is only winning because he's on steroids. The Tortoise is running and says, "I'm a tortoise!"

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The boy tells the viewers they liked his last 2 prank videos and will do another one. The boy yells, "WOLF, WOLF, THERE'S A WOLF KILLING ALL THESE SHEEP!" A farmer rushes and the boy tells him he's stupid. The boy then says he will prank his brother by lighting his poop on fire.

Hansel and Gretel

The witch tells Hansel and Gretel to eat more food as they're "too skinny". Gretel says the carbs would throw her out of ketosis and tells the witch to call them when she has and avocado and steak house. Hansel calls the witch an old hag and they leave.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The three bears get evicted, and the landlord said Goldilocks moved in with a friend and they opened up a Whole Foods and the property value shot up and the bears fell behind on rent. Baby Bear explains they built the house, but the landlord asks if they have a deed, only for Mama Bear to respond with, "We're f*cking Bears!"

The Three Little Pigs

The pigs beg the wolf to spare them, but the wolf explains a story of how he became vegan. His story was so long, the pigs escaped while he was distracted.

Jack and the Bean Stalk

Jack says he found magical beans and attempts to do the Magical Bean Challenge. Jack eats a bean, and a beanstalk grows inside his ribs as he screams in pain.


  • Shayne was in Japan for a week. Ergo, it is possible his absence here can be explained by his travels.

Actor/fan interaction

Dakota T. Jones replied to at least two comments, thanking the viewers for watching and hoping they enjoyed the video.