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IF APPS WERE REAL 2 is a Smosh main channel upload.


What if your favorite phone apps were real?

Video Summary


Ian and Anthony are seated on the couch, looking at the app and Ian does not like the app. As Ian complains about the app, noting all its unsavory qualities, Anthony is exasperated and finally reminds Ian it is supposed to be like this, and Anthony begins guiding him once more through what would happen if it were actually realistic.

The "if were real" music then begins playing, a fake cell phone appearing with "Smosh" as the person being conversed with and the video name on the screen, each word in a text bubble. A hand holding up two fingers then pops up with a sound effect.


  • The battery of the cell phone at the beginning reads at 87%, which is the year Ian and Anthony were born.
  • This is the final video to feature the iconic Smosh house.