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IF ADULTS ACTED LIKE CHILDREN is a Smosh video released January 29, 2016.


What if adults acted like children? Things like dating, getting in trouble, staying up late, and marriage would never be the same...


Fixing Things

A guy, played by Anthony, asks someone named Dale, played by Ian, if he can pass the glue, but Dale says they're all out. The guy says he bought some new glue and asks where it'd gone, but then we see Dale with glue dripping out of his mouth.

Getting into Trouble

A girl kills a guy and 3 people say "Oooooooh!" and Sergeant Faraday comes behind her and says "You're gonna be in so much trouble!"


A Guy in a Tuxedo, played by Ian, asks who will marry Maggie, played by Olivia, while Using M.A.S.H. the Guy then makes her choice she'll marry Glen, played by Anthony, shouts "YES!" But the Guy says he has to be a plumber, have 26 children and live in a shack with her, while his vehicle is a Rainbow Unicorn with Maggie and Glen celebrating, with Glen tells the other men "In your Face!"


An old lady asks her husband, played by Ian, if he wants to eat vegetables and he says no. She says it's healthy and he still says no and she gives him the airplane.


A girl asks a guy if he wants to make out and says yes, but then asks her if she can check the bed and the closet for monsters. She gets out of the bed aggrevated and he asks if she "can please turn on the night light."

Business Etiquette

The boss, played by Anthony, goes over 3 people's employee reports but thinks someone needs a change, so he asks "Which one of you needs a change?" The three people raise their hands, and the boss says he needs a change too.


Ian uses Smasher (parody of Tinder) and rejects everyone but almost accepts Rachel until two people, played by Anthony and Keith, do the "sitting in a tree" song. Ian then says "Nu-uh! I hate girls! Girls are gross!"

Staying Up Late

A girl, played by Olivia, says she wants to watch 1 more episode buy the guy, played by Anthony, said it way passed her bedtime. then after the guy saying she'll act like a dick, she throws a tantrum. and the guy drags her to bed.

Fine Dining

Two people are at a restaurant with a Waiter and the waiter said they have a Mushroom Pie and Filet Mignon, but they wanted A Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich with the crusts cut off, but then He Says they don't have peanut butter because a person named Dale had and Spread all of it.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Keith Leak II

Courtney Miller

Olivia Sui

Shut Up! Opening

"Neener neener neeeener. SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending

"Hey guys, this is Anthony when he was 5 years old, click the- [laughs] Thanks so much for Subscribing Guys"