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Hugh Jasshol

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Hugh Jasshol
Presumably around early 30s
Call of Duty, trolling, acting smarter than everybody
Magic Daddy Rescue Force video game, Anthony, Ian, fake stuff on the Internet, incorrect things, gays, Twilight, Smosh videos, pretty much everything
Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, likely almost everyone
Otto (presumed)
Portrayed by:

Hugh Jasshol, also known as the Internet Troll, is a recurring villain in the Smosh series. He hates Ian and Anthony, as well as their videos and calls them either "FAKE" or "GAY".

He is often seen shouting "FAKE!" when he sees someone doing exercises that don't seem to make sense to him.

Whenever he watches Anthony and Ian's videos, he shouts "GAY!". Because he positively thinks that Ian and Anthony are married (which they are not).

Hugh Jasshol is a worker at an unknown video game company. He enjoys picking on people and calling them "FAKE!" or "GAY!".

Hugh Jasshol is portrayed by Travis Zeiler.


If The Internet Was Real

In the YouTube clip, a guy was seen juggling three balls when Hugh, clearly an Internet troll, comes up and shouts, "FAKE!". Another guy does impressive flips, and Hugh shouts,"FAKE!". A woman reveals her cleavage as she talks on the phone. Hugh points to her breasts and shouts, "FAKE!" In the ending, Ian admits that it would suck if the Internet was realistic, only for Hugh to show up and yell, "IT IS REAL YOU STUPID EMOS!" Hugh starts to troll Ian and Anthony in real life. Angered, Ian and Anthony grab Hugh. Hugh asks "Oh, no! What are you fairies gonna do? YOU'RE GONNA MOLEST ME?" Ian and Anthony drag him to the window and push him out. While faking a green screen, Hugh says "THIS EFFECT IS SO FAKE! YOU GUYS SUCK AT VIDEO EDITING!" When he lands and dies upon impact, Ian and Anthony high-five and the screen cuts to a close-up of Hugh's corpse with text that says "DON'T BE A DOUCHE ON THE INTERNET".

First Person Shooters Suck!

Hugh is an employee in a meeting at a video game company. After Anthony's proposes his idea of a game called Shadowman, Hugh points out that the player would pick up a AK-74U. Anthony argues that it's an AK-47 with a collapsible stock and says, "Just because you play Call of Duty doesn't mean you're a weapons expert." Hugh argues that it does. The head executive, played by Ian, stops the argument by angrily shouting, "GUYS SHUT THE F*CK UP!" Ian tells Otto that he's fired, and this angers Hugh. He says that if he's going to fire Otto, he's going to have to fire him too, to which Ian agrees. Three years later, Hugh enters a game store and asks for a cool new video game.The clerk gives him Magic Daddy Rescue Force, a video game previously suggested by the secretary at the meeting. Hugh examines the cover and declares it Lame. He then spots Call of Duty 12 and, without a second thought, exclaims, "I'll take it!" Hugh gets promoted to Stupid Consumer.

Motion Gaming Sucks!

Hugh is at another video game company in another meeting. Ian warns that if they don't come up with any immersive games, they'll be on "S*** creek without a shotgun." Hugh Jasshol points out that the correct phrase is "Without a paddle." Ian insists on the phrase "Without a shotgun" as he pulls out a shotgun and shoots the ceiling, causing the plaster to fall on his head. Otto spots Anthony playing with a toy car, and comes up with a game called "Motion Sports Racing Simulator." However, remembering that Ian wanted some jumping, Otto adds jumping. In Otto's game, the player is a race car driver and the player's body lights on fire when they crash, so they have to stop, drop and roll. The player has to also give CPR to the fellow drivers. Otto demonstrates the incorrect CPR technique, and Hugh starts to correct him, but everyone shouts,"SHUT UP!" In the alternate ending, Hugh Jasshol makes a living developing auto-correct technologies that continue to piss people off.


Hugh appears at the end of the episode watching the episode on YouTube and he shouts, "GAY! WHY DON'T YOU TWO FAIRIES JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY?! UNSUBSCRIBE!". Just as he is about to unsubscribe from Smosh, Ian and Anthony appear and beat him to death.


  • In FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS SUCK and MOTION GAMING SUCKS, he is the only employee that didn't come up with fresh ideas.
  • His name is a pun on the term "huge asshole", the name "Hugh" and the surname "Jasshol." This is a reference to his rude and pessimistic attitude towards Smosh, Smosh videos, and often other people around him.
  • He is a parody of Internet trolls and/or negative YouTube comments.
  • The actor who plays Hugh (Travis Zeiler) also appears in REJECTED VIDEOS! without glasses as a skinny version of Teleporting Fat Guy who "scarfs and barfs."
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