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How To Stand Up To A Bully! is a Smosh main channel upload. It is the last upload of January 2018.


Ian gives some advice on how to stand up to bullies!


The video starts off with the squad and Ian in a gangrene challenge video they uploaded. The challenge consists of stabbing themselves in the feet with large X-acto knives and putting on wet dirty socks, both of which they happily hold up with smiles. Before they can do it, the scene cuts to what is revealed to be the six of them enthusiastically watching themselves do the challenge until Olivia starts to harrass Shayne physically and verbally. Ian, to Shayne's aid tries to convince Shayne that he is being bullied by Olivia and when he does, gives him tips on how to stand up for himself for her to leave him alone for good. He does, which made Olivia realize she was only bullying him to run away her own insecurities and felt very sorry for Shayne. Sympathetic for a bit but happy he stood up for himself, Shayne and Ian celebrate shortly and get in another slight confrontation until Olivia bullies Shayne again as she wants to bully him because she is insecure about being a bully with Ian helplessly and hopelessly leaving the scene.


The video recieved a majority like to dislike ratio along with comments mostly composing of references or recitations of the sketch's lines or references to the video or to bullying in general.