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"Hot Pepper Valentine's Chocolate" is the 2nd episode of the Smosh Games series Mystery Challenge, It was released on February 7, 2020.

Video Description

Things are heating up this Valentine's Day (in our intestines) with this hot pepper chocolate challenge! The best video game olympians will be saved from a spicy fate which may or may not contain CAROLINA REAPER PEPPERS?!?


Mystery Item

The loser of each round must eat a chocolate that either was normal chocolate or contained Carolina Reaper Peppers.

Individual Rounds

Round Player 1 vs. Player 2 Loser Chocolate
1 Ian vs. Matt Ian Normal
2 Damien vs. Sarah Sarah Normal
3 Shayne vs. Courtney Shayne Normal
4 Damien vs. Matt Matt Normal
5 Shayne vs. Ian Shayne Normal
6 Courtney vs. Sarah Courtney Normal


As there were too many chocolates, the players formed two teams to that if a player lost, the whole team had to eat a chocolate each.

  • Team 1 - Courtney Damien and Shayne
  • Team 2 - Ian, Matt and Sarah

Team Rounds

Round Player 1 vs. Player 2 Loser Chocolate
1 Damien vs. Sarah Damien Spicy
Shayne Spicy
Courtney Normal
2 Courtney vs. Ian Ian Normal
Matt Normal
Sarah Spicy
3 As Ian, Matt and Courtney had still not eaten a spicy chocolate, they each took another chocolate. Ian Spicy
Matt Spicy
Courtney Normal


  • As revealed at in the 47th episode of SmoshCast, the cast did not know the chocolates contained both Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reaper Peppers.