Hooking Up My Friends is a Smosh Games Video released on June 3rd, 2019. It features Courtney Miller playing the Sims 4.


"I turned the whole Smosh fam into Sims, with all of your faves from Lasercorn to COURTNEY FREAKIN‘ MILLER! Basically, I’m hooking up my Sims friends for 22 minutes straight. What do you want to see next— more bathrooms, your favorite ships? Leave a comment and let us know!"


Courtney creates her friends in the Sims, specifically, Shayne, Keith, Noah, Olivia, Matt Raub, Sarah Whittle, Damien, Joven, Lasercorn and Mari, along with herself, Courtney Freaking Miller and Brianna Boho in the Sims. She plays through a day in their lives, trying to hook them up with one another.

She attempts to have Damien romance Olivia, (referencing the episode WE ACT OUT YOUR SMOSH FAN FICTION, where they read a 'Damlivia' fanfiction). Though it's not entirely clear, she also has Shayne romance either Courtney Freaking Miller, or Brianna Boho, but it changes throughout the video.

The video ends unsuccessfully, as Courtney has forgotten to place a bathroom in the house, and most of the Sims end up having to pee, foiling her plans.


  • This is the first Smosh Games video since being picked up by Mythical to be released on a Monday.
  • This is also the first Smosh Games video to only feature one cast member prominently.
  • Shayne is the only other cast member to appear in the video, but he does so for less than a minute, dressed as Courtney Freaking Miller. Courtney herself doesn't seem to notice his presence whatsoever.

Fan Interaction

  • Courtney commented saying: 'Yes.... Ian is missing. THE REASON WHY is that I actually made him FIRST. I created him to practice and sort of get used to the game, and I thought he'd still be there when I created the other houses... turns out I created him on a different account. He will make his appearance. Don't you worry. Until then, Ian is the house that holds us all.' It received over 5K likes.
  • Damien commented saying: '"I put a lot more work into the [Smosh] house than the [Smosh Games] house."

Huh. Your Defy Media is showing, Courtney.' It received over 1.7K likes.

  • Jovenshire commented saying: 'That gamer posture was TOO REAL' It received over 680 likes.
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