A screenshot of Hobo Joe unsucessfully reading a rule on the Pandhandlers Rule Book.

Hobo Joe as a character that appeared in HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!. He was first shown laying on the ground in garbage where Ian thinks he is dead but just likes naps. Later, Anthony tells him to tell Ian the number one rule to the Pandhandlers Rule Book, and is last shown chasing Ian and Anthony with other hobos.

Joe is peacefully sleeping, but his face looks like he's dead.


Hobo Joe lies asleep on the ground.


A different angle of Hobo Joe lying on the ground, having repositioned his legs.


  • He makes a cameo during the BFF song where he is still on the ground.
  • He had trouble reading when trying to say rule number one "ru.. ru..".
    • However, when he found out Ian and Anthony were not bald like him and his hobo friends, he easily yells "THEY'RE BOTH FAKERS'".
  • He has a sword where he used to chase Ian and Anthony.
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