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Havocado is a game played on Gaming With A Twist, with these episodes being pilot episodes for the series Mystery Challenge.

Game Information

Havocado is a multiplayer fighting game described as "Gang Beasts but with guns". It was developed by Webble Games, and is currently in early release on Steam, it has generally positive reviews.

Webble Games is created and run by Youtuber Kwebbelkop, who took many pointers from games like Gang Beasts and Stick Fight. Unlike Gang Beasts, but much like Stick Fight, there is a much bigger emphasis placed on guns and weaponry. They have also added other hazards, such as sharks and passing cars.

Havacado is still in Early Release on Steam.

Episode Appearances

Series Episode
Gaming With A Twist
  1. Mystery Crocs Challenge! - Havocado
  2. Mystery Crocs RETURN with Felicia Day
  3. EPIC Crocs Explosion