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HUNTING MEGA SHARK is the second installment in the Smosh Games series Grand Theft Smosh.

Major events

  • Jovenshire accidentaly kills Lasercorn with a police bat at the beginning.
  • Goal of the episode is to swim to the end of the map to find a rumored mega shark.
  • All guys arrive at the end of the map where all of them sink.
    • Due to a glitch, the screen says that Joven flattened Sohinki, even though he drowned by himself.
  • Sohinki hijacks a police speedboat in their second attempt of finding a mega shark.
    • Again, at the end where everybody sinks, the screen says that Mari murdered Lasercorn.
  • The crew split up in teams of two (Lasercorn-Mari and Sohinki-Jovenshire) to find a cougar but also fails.
  • Episode ends with hunting Jovenshire (as he was to blame for failing in previous huntings by Sohinki). Sohinki wins the manhunt by killing Jovenshire and the rest of the crew.



  • Many fans complained in comments that Mari used some bad program for voice call since she was sometimes hardly audible but despite that she didn't change it in the following episode.
  • The song Sohinki sings at 7:00 is "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden.


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