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HUMAN POKÉMON BATTLE 2 (originally REDNECK POKÉMON) is a Smosh main channel upload. Only Ian, Noah, Shayne, Courtney, Keith, and an actress, Rachel Scanlon, appear in the video.


An epic battle commences between the newest type of Pokemon: Redneck type!


  • Jovenshire commented on the video, stating: "This was one of my favorite videos in a while! This was hilarious. Great job guys". The comment received well over 450 likes and 4 replies. The most liked reply referenced Anthony's absence and was the only reply to Joven's comment that received likes.
    • Other popular YouTubers commented on the video, as well.
  • Elio wears the same clothes based from the games Pokémon Ultra Sun & Pokémon Ultra Moon.
  • The title was renamed from REDNECK POKEMON to HUMAN POKEMON BATTLE 2. It was possibly changed either due to the format being the same as the first human Pokemon battle video or was due to the title being offensive.