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HUMAN POKEMON BATTLE is a Smosh video released March 18, 2016.


Two Pokemon trainers battle with a new type of Pokemon - human type.


Two trainers (Noah Grossman and Shayne Topp) start a battle. One trainer (Shayne) releases "Kevin" (Ian Hecox). The other (Noah) releases "Tanner" (Anthony Padilla). Tanner scratches Kevin. Trainer has Kevin uses "razor leaves" and he throws leaves in Tanner's eyes, which burn his eyes because of the dirt in them. Tanner uses flash, which causes Kevin's trainer to throw up. Kevin uses poison sting, where he stabs a syringe into Tanner's thigh, which poisons him. Tanner's trainer uses a potion on him (which is where he comes up and sprays Windex in his face). Kevin uses earthquake, he stops his foot on the ground and nothing happens. Tanner uses psychic, which Kevin thinks won't do anything but causes his head to explode. After the win, Tanner evolves into "Middle-Aged Tanner" (Jason Bortz).


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Shayne Topp

Noah Grossman

Jason Bortz