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HOW DONUTS ARE MADE! (Day Jobs) is the fourth episode of the Smosh Pit series Day Jobs .


We put on our aprons and work at Blue Star Donuts for a day to learn how donuts are made!

Special thanks to Laurel! @LaurelDaggers

And Blue Star Donuts!  BlueStarDonuts


Courtney would have gotten the job.

Interaction with fans

INCOMPLETE; please add more quotes if able to do so accurately

The channel commented:

"Thanks for watching! The only thing sweeter than these donuts, is you! Should we keep Day Jobs going? If so, where else should we work?!"
The comment received almost 500 likes and over 110 replies.

Olivia commented multiple times from her personal channel:

1) "God is a donut"
Her comment received over 80 likes and a handful of replies.
2) "angel face HAHHAHAHAH
This comment received over 10 likes.  She posted the comment from her phone, being that the person's username appears.  It is in reply to someone who mentions the changing of her hat placement.
3)  "I love to win" (to someone saying she should have won; received over 30 likes)

Courtney replied to multiple comments from her personal channel, at one point deleting a comment she posted and replacing it.  

1) "Same" (to someone commenting the donut shop is their favorite pizza place; received over 15 likes)
2) "She was literally joking hahaha" (to someone saying Laurel was mean; this comment was the comment that replaced a deleted comment and it received over 25 likes)
3) "She was kidding around lol I loved her" (again replying to someone saying Laurel was mean; received over 20 likes)