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HOT PEPPER TALENT SHOW (Smosh Summer Games) is the sixth special of Smosh Summer Games - Camp. The video was released on July 11, 2016.

Video Description

Smosh Summer Games is here - this time at Camp, we're having a talent show! With some hot peppers of course...

Smosh is Bored is a grab bag of random fun things that we do when we are looking for some extra fun. Check out our weekly shenanigans with an assortment of games and challenges!


  • Lasercorn: Yo-yo Tricks
  • Wes: Hula Hoop
  • Ian: Ribbon Dance
  • Keith: Sing
  • Olivia: Sexy Burlesque Dance
  • Noah: Improv Scene
  • Flitz: Ballet Routine
  • Mari: Juggling Scarves
  • Anthony: Play a Recorder
  • Courtney: Juggle
  • Shayne: Eat Another Pepper & Vantriloqusim
  • Joven: Interpretive Dance, Metamorphosis of a Caterpillar