"Well, Hitman: Absolution manages to sneak right by us when it initially came out, due to the fact that we were preoccupied with some other games at the time. However, I finally did get the chance to sit down with Agent 47's latest... let's call it an adventure, and now I'm finally ready to tell you whether or not Hitman hits the mark or if it sucks worse than a Kardashian reality show. Let's find out!"
—Intro by Lasercorn

HITMAN ABSOLUTION REVIEW is the 12th episode of Smosh Games Review, hosted by Lasercorn, who reviews the stealth thriller game Hitman: Absolution. It was released on December 6, 2012.


Hitman Absolution Review by Lasercorn



Lasercorn reviewing Hitman: Absolution.

Praising the single-player, multiplayer, wide variety and options during gameplay, and the story, and criticizing admittedly minor things about the game, Lasercorn rated Hitman: Absolution 9/10.

"It's undeniable. Hitman: Absolution is sneaky, murderous fun. If you enjoy stealth games, you're probably going to have a good time with this one. Whether you're abusing the point-shooting system, or pretending to be a murderous scarecrow. I give this game nine electrified peeing guys out of ten."
— Lasercorn


  • After finishing the review, Lasercorn said that he needed to "take out some trash" and walked off-screen. Soon after, he appeared again, holding Sohinki's "corpse" and asking where a trash bin or laundry hamper is.
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