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HISTORY OF DADDY NEEDS HIS JUICE! (The Show w/ No Name) is an installment of the the popular series The Show w/ No Name. It was uploaded on Smosh Pit on September 19, 2017.

Video Description:

Olivia, Noah, and Shayne enjoy the hot tub, talk about their favorite ice creams, and reveal the history of "Daddy needs his juice!" on this week's episode of The Show w/ No Name!


  • One of the Smosh actors or employees approved this explanation from a commenter concerning the history of the juice (one biased part has been omitted):
"History of the juice: Shayne first said it during the Thanksgiving PIIMM, forgot about it for a few months, and suddenly brought it up again during a Board AF. It's been scattered about every now again since and was built upon more during the Summer games."
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