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Hedgehog Kombat is the eighteenth installment for the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 25th January 2013 on both and YouTube.


The Smosh Gang battles to the death in a game of Sonic the Fighters.


Round 1:

Round 2:

  • Sohinki (Knuckles) vs. Mari (Knuckles)
  • Anthony (Bean) vs. Jovenshire (Tails)
  • Ian (Sonic) vs. Lasercorn (Amy)

Round 3:

  • Jovenshire (Espio) vs. Mari (Knuckles)
  • Anthony (Sonic) vs. Sohinki (Knuckles)
  • Lasercorn (Fang) vs. Sohinki (Knuckles)

Round 4:

  • Ian (Sonic) vs. Jovenshire (Tails)
  • Anthony (Bean) vs. Mari (Knuckles)
  • Lasercorn (Fang) vs. Jovenshire (Bean)

Final Round:

  • Ian (Sonic) vs. Sohinki (Knuckles)
  • Ian (Sonic) vs. Mari (Knuckles)
  • Anthony (Sonic) vs. Lasercorn (Bark)


  • 1st place: Ian (5W-0L)
  • 2nd place: Sohinki (4W-1L)
  • =3rd place: Jovenshire (2W-3L)
  • =3rd place: Lasercorn (2W-3L)
  • =Last place: Mari (1W-4L)
  • =Last place: Anthony (1W-4L)


The original punishment was that the loser of the most matches would have to eat a chili dog without using their hands, but going into the final match (Anthony vs. Lasercorn), Sohinki & Lasercorn suggested that if Anthony won, he and Mari would eat the chilli dog Lady and the Tramp style, eventually resulting in the first "Lady and the Tramp" punishment


Achievement Won by Timestamp
Win So Hard You Lag The Game Jovenshire 5:44


  • Sohinki and Jovenshire have previously played this game in the Dope! or Nope video Sonic Can Kick Your Ass.
  • Interestingly, when Anthony says "FUCK THIS FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! FUCKING FUCK YOU GAME, PIECE OF SHIT!, IF I WAS ON DOPE! OR NOPE I WOULD HAVE RATED THIS GAME SHIT!" it is censored, but Lasercorn is left uncensored when he says "Prepare to get kicked, kicked in your duck cunt".
  • Before the match between Ian and Lasercorn, Joven says "Now for the battle of domestic abuse: Iancorn."
  • The song Ian sings after winning his final match is Queen's "We Are the Champions".
  • Ian, Mari and Sohinki are the only players who stuck with the same characters the entire game (Sohinki and Mari played as Knuckles, Ian played as Sonic). Anthony alternated between Fang, Bean and Sonic. Jovenshire alternated between Bean, Tails and Espio and Lasercorn alternated between Bark, Amy and Fang.
  • Anthony joked that this is "the only game Ian is good at".
  • During Mari and Sohinki's match, Ian joked that he had black Knuckles friends, also Lasercorn pointed out that the red Knuckles would be Indian.
  • There was an error in editing in the match between Ian and Lasercorn which was their portraits being swapped. This error made it look like Lasercorn was using Sonic and Ian was controlling Amy.
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