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|Row 3 info = 44,000,000+
|Row 3 info = 44,000,000+
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|Row 4 title = Season:
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|Row 4 info = [[Smosh-2010|2010]]
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|Row 5 title = Prevous Episode:
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|Row 6 title = Next Episode:
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|Row 6 info = [[Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE]]

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HARRY POTTER DELETED SCENES! is a Smosh video uploaded on November 19, 2010. This is a collection of deleted scenes by Smosh of the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.



The following never-before-seen clips were removed from the theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Role Call

Dumbledore was taking attendance by calling Harry (played by Ian) and Ron (played by Anthony). However when Dumbledore gets to Hermione (played by Ian), he has trouble pronouncing her name. When he mispronounces her name as “Herpes,” Hermione corrects him by screaming, “IT’S HERMIONE YOU F***ING IDIOT!”

Hey Ron

Harry comes up to Ron and says, “Hey Ron! Smell my wand!”

Muscle Potion

Harry and Ron were talking when Neville comes up to them and tells them that he made a potion out of bleach and horsehair that’s supposed to give the user bigger muscles. He takes the potion despite Harry’s warning and starts choking. Harry and Ron do nothing to help him.


Founder of MuggleNet Emerson Spartz asked Harry if he has a limp wand. Harry looks at his wand and nods. Spartz then tells him to get Wandagra to not worry about a limp wand. A couple (Ian plays the husband, Anthony plays the wife) is shown as a testimonial. The wife says that her husband’s wand has been “really stiff” and the husband says, “And she’s not referring to my penis.” Though, the wife says that she is.

Muscle Potion II

Harry and Ron continue to watch as Neville’s mouth starts foaming. Neville starts to grab onto Harry’s robe, in which he gets it away from it.

Sexy Hermione

Dumbledore tells the class to “turn to page 60 for today’s reading.” However, when Harry eyes Hermione, he starts imagining that Hermione is seductively trying to get to Harry. However, his trance stops when Dumbledore gives the class more directions. Ron starts to imagine Hermione taking off her clothes, but returns to reality when he hears a smack sound. Dumbledore then starts to stare at Hermione.

Snape's Orange

Snape (Anthony) decides to have a snack and uses “Orangus Maximus” to make an orange appear in front of him. However, just before eating it, he screams and drops it. It turns out to be The Annoying Orange (Daneboe), who starts to annoy Snape and makes him disappear when he stupidly plays with Snape’s wand.

Muscle Potion III

Harry and Ron stare at a dead Neville when Harry asks, “So did his muscles get bigger or what?”

Stripper Fantasy

Dumbledore stares at Hermione and at first it appears that he’s fantasizing about Hermione. Instead however, Harry and Ron appear in front of her behaving like strippers. Dumbledore then tells Harry and Ron to “fondle each other’s nipples,” but is brought back to reality when Harry asks, “What?”

Different Accents

Hermione asks, “Why do our accents sound completely different from all the other movies?”

Muscle Potion IV

Harry and Ron stare at a dead Neville, when Hermione comes in and says that Neville’s muscles got bigger. Harry and Ron allow Hermione to take Neville for a stroll, in which she carries him. Everyone they pass compliment on Neville’s “muscles” and Hermione says that he’s her new boyfriend. A guy then challenges Neville to an arm wrestling competition. Unsurprisingly, Neville lost and Hermione angrily breaks up with him.


The following clips were deleted from the final cut, deleted from the deleted scenes.

Don't Drink and Fly

Anthony is in jail and he tells the story of how he got there

"So I was out for a drink with friends... then I got on my broom"

It shows him drunk on a broom flying down the street.

" I impaled 2 kids that day"

It shows Draco (Ian) and someone else (Anthony) walking and they are probably talking about Hermione's name as Draco says that maybe it's Herpes. Anthony shows up starting to impale Draco and the two "kids" scream in horror and Anthony tells them to go away. It then shows " Don't Drink And Fly; a message paid for by M.A.D.F."

Manly Face

Simply 10 except Ron adds that her face is manly and he doesn't like that. Dumbledore comes from behind the bed saying "I do!"


  • This is the fourth most viewed Smosh video of all time, but that's because of the thumbnail of Ian as Hermione wearing a bra.
  • Dane Boedigheimer as The Annoying Orange appears in this video, and Orange later appears in I LOST MY HAIR!
  • Some times in the video, the camera gets close on Hermione's face. In these scenes, you can clearly see it's not Ian, it's a girl.
  • The release of this episode (deliberately) coincided with the release of the penultimate Harry Potter film (The Deathly Hallows: Part 1)
  • A continuity error is that the narrator says that the deleted scenes are from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, however, the next scene features Dumbledore as a teacher, but already died (the shut up line even references his death) and was never a teacher (he was the headmaster) by the time the 7 movie/book happened

Subscription Ending

"Studies have shown that if you click the subscribe button, you'll grow hair on your chest! Wait, ladies love that, right? Ladies love hair on their chest? Okay good, just checking. Click it now!"

Shut Up! Opening

"Hey, wanna hear a spoiler? Snape killed Du-SHUT UP!"