"Hey, guys, it's me, Sohinki! You can tell by my gigantic boobies and my hatred of fun, silly hats! Today I'm doing a story on Dota 2 and (stutters) Alright, my Sohinki impression isn't very good. He's still on vacation. But, he'll be back next week and hopefully he'll finally slap Joven. So stay tuned!"
—Lasercorn trying to imitate Sohinki then explaining his absence

HALO MMO AND SLOW WII U is the 9th episode of S.A.G.N.U.T., hosted by Jovenshire and Lasercorn. It was released on November 21, 2012.


Halo may get a MMO, Wii U's CPU is slow, and Sohinki surprise


Guild of HaloCraft?: After the success of Halo 4, Microsoft has put out a job listing in search of developers with experience in MMORPGs, possibly for a new MMO based on Halo. Jovenshire gave his thoughts on what he believed would make an excellent Halo MMO game.

No Metro on Wii-U: The lead technical officer of Metro: Last Light has said in an interview which NowGamer that the Wii U's "horrible, slow" CPU made it hard to justify the amount of effort it would require to bring the game to Nintendo's new console.


  • During what would usually be Sohinki's segment of the episode, Lasercorn did a bad impression of him instead (combined with boobs and a picture of his face edited on Lasercorn's body). This was because Sohinki was on vacation and was unavailable during filming.
    • This makes this the first episode of S.A.G.N.U.T. to only have two hosts and segments.
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