"I'm just gonna dope the needler 'cause it's one of the coolest guns in FPS history."

HALO 4 OPENING is the 6th episode of Dope! or Nope. It was released on November 6, 2012.


Halo 4 has hit our planet and we see if it's Dope or Nope.



Lasercorn and Sohinki playing Halo 4.


  1. Sohinki doped the computer animation in the opening cutscene, as he and Lasercorn initially thought it was actual live-action.
  2. Sohinki doped Master Chief's voice.
  3. Sohinki doped a section in which Master Chief is climbing up a shaft, dodging falling debris.
  4. Sohinki doped Master Chief's takedown of a Covenant soldier.
  5. Sohinki doped the sound effects for the assault rifle.
  6. Sohinki doped the Type-33 needler gun.
  7. Sohinki and Lasercorn doped the graphics.
  8. Lasercorn and Sohinki doped how the ship they were on was being torn apart.


  1. Lasercorn noped the right bumper being the button for melee attacks, wanting customizable controls instead.
  2. Sohinki noped the blood particle effects on the aliens he shoots, wanting it to be more realistic.
  3. Lasercorn noped a grenade explosion for being underwhelming and wanting the effects to match the quality of the graphics.

Final Verdict

With a total of eight Dopes and three Nopes, the opening of Halo 4 received an overall Dope. Sohinki and Lasercorn were disappointed by the effects, but praised the graphics, "assassination animations", and "everything else".


  • Lasercorn and Sohinki wished the low-gravity had less gravity, calling it "slightly disappointing" but not enough to receive a nope.
  • When Lasercorn and Sohinki melee-killed another enemy, they wanted to dope it again, but this was apparently never counted.
  • At the end of the video, Sohinki announced that, the following Thursday, a complete review of Halo 4 would be released, hosted by Jovenshire.
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