HALLOWEEN JUST DANCE 2020 is the 22nd episode of the Smosh Games series Gaming With A Twist. It was released on November 1, 2019.


The best things come one day late, so we're celebrating Halloween with a Just Dance 2020 competition!




Players were dressed in costumes to celebrate Halloween. The two losers had to dance to Time of Our Lives from Dirty Dancing.

Round 1

Dancers Song Winner Scores
Ian vs. Olivia Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus - "Old
Town Road"
Ian Ian: ★★★
Olivia: ★★★
Keith vs. Noah XS Project - "Vodovorot" Noah Noah: 9935 (★★★★)
Keith: 8781 (★★★★)
Sarah vs. Jovenshire Pinkfong - "Baby Shark Dance" Sarah Sarah: 10796 (★★★★★)
Joven: 8672 (★★★★)
Lasercorn vs. Mari 2NE1 - "I Am the Best" Mari Mari: 9855 (★★★★)
Lasercorn: 6872 (★★★)
Courtney vs. Damien Dead or Alive - "You Spin Me Round
(Like A Record)"
Courtney Courtney: ★★★★
Damien: ★★★★

Round 2 (For Second Place)

Dancers Song Winner Scores
Ian vs. Noah Billie Eilish - "bad guy" Noah Noah: 10424 (★★★★★)
Ian: 9903 (★★★★)
Courtney vs. Mari Backstreet Boys - Everybody
(Backstreet's Back)"
Courtney Courtney: 10304 (★★★★★)
Mari: 9061 (★★★★)

Round Three (Loser Bracket Pt.1)

Dancers Song Winner Scores
Lasercorn vs. Ian Ariana Grande - "God is a woman" Lasercorn Lasercorn: ★★★
Ian: ★★★
Keith vs. Jovenshire Daddy Yankee ft. Snow - "Con Calma" Keith Keith: 34.76 kcal (★★★★★)
Joven: 28.08 kcal (★★★★)
Mari vs. Damien Merk & Kremont - "Sushi" Mari Mari: 9950 (★★★★)
Damien: 8032 (★★★★)


  • In a collective 1st place with 2 pts. each are Noah, Courtney, and Mari.
  • In a collective 2nd place with 1 pt. each are Ian, Keith, Lasercorn, and Sarah.
  • In a collective last place with 0 pts. each are Damien, Jovenshire, and Olivia.


"You guys better prepare your butts 'cuz the punishments are next week! In the meantime, if you want to watch your favorite frenemies play video games with shock collars, we have this video up here; or, if you want a special video just for you, click down here."
— Courtney


  • Ian: A bunch of grapes
  • Sarah: "Game Kid" (a knockoff Game Boy console, with the game "Super Marcelo" inserted)
  • Mari: "Pinata Llama Mari Hashi" (a piñata)
  • Damien: Giyu Tomioka from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Lasercorn: "Sweatpants Spider-Man" (Peter B. Parker from Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse)
  • Jovenshire: "The best costume from 2002" (Eminem wearing an M&M shirt)
  • Noah: "Chef Gordon Rambo" (a cross between Gordon Ramsay and Rambo)
  • Courtney: Darla from Finding Nemo
  • Keith: "Patches the Clown"
  • Olivia: A foot


Round 1



Round 2




Social media


Halloween Just Dance 2020 Competition

"It's time for another Just Dance Competition!"

  • For unknown reasons, Olivia did not participate in Round 2 whilst Sarah was given a bye for scoring the most in Round One.
    • Both Ian and Mari danced twice in Round 2, but it is unknown why those two had to dance again.
  • This marks the first appearance of Keith, Noah, and Olivia on Smosh Games since its revival in April 2019.
  • This Just Dance competition featured the smallest lineup of any Just Dance Halloween videos, with only ten people playing. 
    • This was also the first year that Sarah took part, and the first year that Wes and Shayne did not.
  • "Merk" of "Merk & Kremont" on the Mari vs. Damien slide of Round 2 was misspelled as "Mark".

Fan Interaction

  • Damien commented: "Where are my fellow weebs at? Who understood this costume??" It received over 3.6K likes.
  • Lasercorn commented: "That's why you always use the strap for the joy con. Practice safe switch!" It received over 260 likes.
    • Damien replied: "People died. This could have been prevented."
  • A fan commented: "Sarah a half korean: "Here we go here's the English part""
    • Sarah replied: ""OH MY GOD!" bahahahaaa"
  • A fan commented: "oh i love how courtney delivered darla's line from the movie finding nemo
    dang girl you're so adorable
    btw that baby shark song reminds me of my korean students
    • Damien replied: "We stan a Court."
  • A fan commented: "I love how happy mari was with the "low hanging fruit" joke with joven 😊😂"
    • Damien replied: "She radiates joy."
  • A fan commented: ""He's winning with style" -Damien,
    This HAS to be the first time anyone's said that about Joven..."
    • Damien replied: "Someone's gotta support the boy."
  • A fan commented: "We all have to admit that Damien's was the best and only a few understood 😂♥️"
    • Damien replied: "Ok, fine, I'll admit it."


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