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HALLOWEEN JUST DANCE 2019 is the first part of an unofficial two-part Game Bang, released on the Smosh Games channel on October 26, 2018. It features the whole of the Smosh Squad and most of the Smosh Games Crew participating in the annual Halloween Just Dance comeptiton.


It's Halloween so you know what that means! We dress up and dance like FOOLS! We've got costumes like Sora, Michael Jackson, Black Panther, and... another Black Panther?! I'm sorry, what?


  • Jovenshire: "One Tough Cookie" (a cookie in boxing attire)
  • Damien: Sora from Kingdom Hearts
  • Courtney: Hammerhead shark
  • Ian: "One Giant Cringe" (skintight suit with "Fartnite" across the chest)
  • Wes: Todoroki from My Hero Academia
  • Keith: Black Panther (from the Marvel franchise)
  • Shayne: "White Black Panther"
  • Mari: "Mari Jackson, The King Of Popahashi" (eighties-era Michael Jackson)
  • Olivia: A banana
  • Noah: "Billie Eyelash" (Billie Eilish covered in fake eyelashes)
  • Boze: "Bonald McDonald"
  • Lasercorn: "Dadpool" (Deadpool carrying a baby)


Bold = Winner

Round One

  • Joven vs Damien
  • Keith vs Shayne
  • Wes vs Olivia
  • Mari vs Courtney
  • Boze vs Noah
  • Ian vs Lasercorn

Round 2

  • Boze vs Shayne
  • Damien vs Olivia
  • Lasercorn vs Mari

Round 3

  • Mari vs Damien vs Boze

Overall losers: Mari and Damien


  • Previous Halloween Just Dance videos (in 2014, 2016 and 2017) have all been Game Bangs, but since the show ended prior to this episode, this is not officially a Game Bang, though it contains all the elements of a one (a game, losers and a punishment).
    • The video was later added to Smosh Games' Game Bang playlist.
  • This was the first Halloween Just Dance video to not feature Flitz or Sohinki
  • This was the first time Mari lost in a Just Dance video, though many commenters (and some of the other cast members) suspected that she deliberately lost in order to stay in the game. 

Fan Interaction

  • Courtney commented saying: 'WADDUP FISHES'. It received over 1.7K likes.