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HALLOWEEN JUST DANCE 2018 is the 266th episode of the Smosh Games series Game Bang and was released on October 27, 2017. It stars all the Smosh Family members active at the time of recording. It is the first episode of a two-part, two-day Game Bang.


It has become tradition that every Halloween we dress up and dance like fools. This year is no different. The whole Smosh crew grabs their Halloween costumes and dances for their lives, because the lowest two scores will be punished! And what we have them do is very... despicable.


  • Jovenshire: Dwight Schrute from The Office
  • Olivia: Guy Fieri
  • Lasercorn: "Stare-Lord" (Star-Lord with giant eyes stuck to his mask)
  • Courtney: "Courtniss Everburp" (Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games)
  • Boze: Squirtle from Pokémon
  • Keith: "Black Michael Jackson" (eighties-era Michael Jackson)
  • Noah: "White Michael Jackson" (nineties-era Michael Jackson)
  • Flitz: "Afrozone" (Frozone from The Incredibles with an afro)
  • Damien: Goku from Dragon Ball Z
  • Mari: "Johann Sebastian Bachahashi"
  • Wes: "Peter" (the pig from Smosh Summer Games 2017)
  • Shayne: "Courtney Freakin' Miller"
  • Ian: "2017 Hit Breakout Blockbuster Angry Birds Movie" (Gene Meh from The Emoji Movie)
  • Sohinki: Waldo from Where's Waldo?

Punishment outfits: Two "Minions" outfits (one large, one small)


Round One

  • Keith vs Noah
  • Olivia vs Wes
  • Flitz vs Ian
  • Damien vs Courtney
  • Sohinki vs Joven
  • Mari vs Boze
  • Lasercorn vs Shayne

Round 2

  • Noah vs Olivia
  • Ian vs Damien
  • Joven vs Shayne

Round 3

  • Noah vs Damien
  • Joven vs Boze

Round 4 (Punishment)

  • Noah vs Boze

Overall loser: Boze


  • Matt Raub appears at the start of this episode wearing one of the Minion outfits.
  • Whilst filming this video, Lasercorn was suffering from appendicitis.[1]
  • This is one of the few Smosh Games videos in 2017 to gain more than 1 million views.
  • This is the biggest Just Dance Game Bang to date, featuring fourteen competitors. It is also the last Halloween Just Dance video to feature Flitz and Sohinki, and the first to feature Boze and Damien.